Forza 2 rewards issue

So I have been trying to contact the Turn 10 Studio with the email for this game and nothing. Got an automated response back that linked to a bunch of xbox sites. So I contacted xbox support twice. Even created a thread in their forums. Was told to email Turn 10 even though I have clearly stated afterwards that all I got was an automated response back. My thread was locked. Was told to afterwards send tweets to Xbox Live Rewards and they said to get in touch with Turn 10 too.

My issue has been ever since I have began playing the game. Put an easy 40+ hours in it. Level 51 or 52, I believe. Have not gotten any of the corresponding rewards I was supposed to get from the Forza app. It says I claimed them and I’ve waited but nothing whatsoever. Not even the first reward I claimed a few days ago before the month started and even this month’s. So what’s going on? I’d honestly like whatever help I can get. I love the game, don’t get me wrong. I’m not even sure if I should post this here. I appreciate all the help I’ll be getting.

Thank you for your time.

Have you checked your in-game message folder to see if you have received the rewards notification? Even after claiming Forza Rewards on or on the Forza Hub app, you have to actually download the credits to your account via the in-game message.

Press the pause button and look for any orange icons above the Messages tab (I think that’s what it’s called). If you have the message, you need to press the corresponding button to retrieve the credits.

Wow that was really it. Thank you so much. They should add a notice or something where to do this because a few others probably have no idea.

You’re welcome. Unfortunately, there isn’t any instruction of the Forza Rewards page to make it clear that you still have to download the credits as they are sent to your in-game messages box. Anyhow, glad I could help.

Also note that the in-game messages containing credits and gift cars disappear after 720 hours (30 days).

Also worth noting: Johniwanna has to farm every last one of those rewards credits that are issued monthly to Forza gamers. Otherwise, where else would they come from? These things are not made up, folks.

so the big red alert tabs somehow get missed, how ???

User error - they’re ignored.

I recently claimed March 2015 rewards credits off of Forza hub and claimed them from the gifts message center at which point my xbox crashed. When I started the game again the credits are not there and still are not there 2 days later. How can I get them.

Two days ago, I claimed my rewards cash at wich point my Xbox crashed. My rewards cash has still not shown up in my balance. What do I do?