Forums update | March 7-10

We have exciting news! Our forums will be updated soon which requires them to be set to read-only mode on Monday morning Pacific time, March 7th.

Starting Thursday, March 10th forum visitors will be greeted with a new navigational interface and dedicated sections for posting your suggestions for cars and more!

Stay tuned for more details on March 10th. We value your feedback and contributions and look forward to seeing you back here!

Now THIS is welcome news!

Sounds dreadful. Probably long overdue, mind, but I’ve never witnessed a forum update/transition that wasn’t at least initially awful.


Excellent news! :+1:t2:

There is a question. How will the online sessions in the game be affected by Microsoft’s departure from Russia?

In terms of the actual overhaul? Decidedly unexciting but years overdue given how painful the forum in it’s current guise is, being at times possibly the slowest website on Earth and littered with bugs and errors (still no clue if reporting posts ever actually generates a report given the error message every time!).

However, looking at this optimistically, the “only” reason I see for Turn 10 revamping the forum is that Motorsport is on the near Horizon…they have presumably looked at the increase in use of this forum post FH5 release, realised it is not even remotely fit for purpose and decided something needs doing. I “confidently” predict FM to release at the beginning of July!

The forums are now on read-only mode until Thursday, March 10th. We will post a article explaining the navigational changes. Thank you for your patience during our maintenance!

So I’m the first one back here?

Still looking around but happy with a few things so far. Nice one lads.

Welcome back everyone! Going to take some getting used to but I liked using a format like this in the Age of Empires forums.

Has anyone seen the news article we were supposed to get? I haven’t so far.

Love the new format.

Got caught out a little bit as it looks like we can’t edit any older content that’s been carried over but (apart from that) it looks great and is far more responsive. :+1:t2:

It’s alright I suppose, the actual design of the old one I quite liked though, was just the speed that was an issue.


The format with the links on the left pushing things over is annoying, albeit vaguely familiar. I tried the mobile view, but then everything was getting pushed down a bunch and it was ugly as well. Seems to be running a bit faster. The real test would probably be doing some searches…


Enjoying the speed, but the organization is a complete mess. Also, it seems we’ve had a massive influx of new members suddenly who are just posting with reckless abandon, likely due to the organization being wonky. In other words, definitely an improvement, but there’s a lot to be ironed out here.


I don’t know how the site’s organization being wonky would make it appear there are more new people posting. I’ve only seen one completely ‘new’ person and one zombie (a year since they last posted) in the threads I’ve read. I think a lot of the regulars are just slow to get back on and so the less frequent posters are more evident.

I was definitely hoping for and am thankful for some type of notifications when people like or reply to comments. I also am thrilled that it is easier to post pictures. It was very cumbersome before. Now it is easier than the blu-ray forums that I frequent.

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The amount of new people is mostly notable through the sudden influx of “suggestions” and how they are just popping up everywhere instead of in an orderly fashion, though I suppose its still possible many of them are still older members. I think the lack of dates next to account names (granted, they often were broken in the old forum anyways) is throwing me a bit.

You can always view their badges and see if they have the anniversary badge

Seems someone had extreme fun with discourse… Wo was thinking the sidebar is a great idea?
Mean nothing wrong with the software itself… just for inspiration
I’m outta here

btw topmenu is missing fh5 in games


Totally agree about the sidebar, when viewing the forum on a tablet it takes up too much space and makes posts a little too wide for the screen. Overall it seems a big improvement, certainly in performance, but needs some tweaks and getting used to.

Looking at the forums on the phone for the first time and it looks usable