Forum without Quotes?

I think that the forum has a problem not using quotes following the next post. People are confusing who is posting to who, and also missing the context of our posts.

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Like this? Highlight the text and “Quote” button will show up.

OK, but it’s still a problem for people that don’t know that option. Plus there are still a lot of thread that are hard to follow the conversation without jumping from person to person.

Also this solution tick seems to be faulty. It should say “Mark Solved”

Except you had to edit it back in. There’s some auto-edit that happens that removes the quote.

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I thought that was just me having a senior moment a couple times lol. So, it’s a… bug ?

(sigh, yep, bug… it did it to this reply where the multi-quote was in the composition and preview but not when sent)

Anyway, to the original question there are a few ways (when/if they work) that seem sufficient, imo.

1 - There’s the “quote bubble” in the upper left of the window you type your reply in.

2 - The aforementioned (newish) “copy-paste” quote function.

3 - When you click the Reply button on someone’s comment there should be a back-link to the original comment, and a clickable below the comments to show nested replies.

Those seem adequate to the requirements of following the thread. Granted they can get messy with many rapid replies and multi-quotes. And I’ve noticed that when quoting the system messes up if you don’t leave a “return” space between your typing and quote(s).

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The quote bubble doesn’t work on the following post. That’s what I said before.

Except that it usually does. In my experience at least.

EDIT : It didn’t this time, but in another thread just a minute ago it did. Maybe because I trimmed the long block of quoted text there to the relevant bit ?

Maybe if you edit it it works. But still for newbies to the forum it will always be a problem.

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Partly a test of my guess that the quote bubble works if the quoted bit is “edited” in the reply.

If you see the quoted bit above then it works. If not then the bug is nastier than thought.

Anyway, also to the point, the issue should probably be posted to the “forum suggestions” or whatever it’s called, around here somewhere iirc.

Agreed. And I don’t think it was doing that before they added the copy-paste quote “function” fwiw. At least I don’t recall it not working right before that.


Edit: Did not edit this time

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It removes quotes from the next post, not one far back. But also, some people don’t click the bubble so you can’t follow what they are talking about. You have to go back to another post, and then that other post might send you back to yet another post.

True, but to be fair that’s not a forum or software issue. That’s them still learning the ropes or being too lazy (…or maybe occasionally a senior moment). A people issue beyond anyone’s control except for maybe leading by example or a friendly suggestion. Teach them, everyone will thank you.

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Yes that’s a forum problem, they created the problem when they stopped auto quotes from replies.