Forum-wide search doesn't function at all !

I am playing GOW4 and Forza Horizon 3 on PC and am new to this Forum.
I tried to search it for several occasions but neither worked. I get a time-ou error or a Forum error “Notification: an error occured while searcheing”,
regardless if I am using Edge, IE or Firefox.

PS: I was looking for Key-Binding in Horizon 3, because there is no Telemtry binding for Joypad. I wanted to look in the manual too, but there seems to be no manual.
I have so many questions for mutliplayer (free, private,Adventure, what does this mean) , chatting and voice chat. My microphone isn’t detected somehow, though it runs perfectly in Windows with Cortona.
Maybe I 'll post 10 Threads…

I have come to the conclusion that every search function on a forum sucks. So I just use google to search for everything.

If you wanted to search the entire forza forums you would put this at the end of your google search: “”

So in your case your forum wide search would look like this “Key Binding in Horizon 3”

I did not know that. Thank you. I’ve just been googling “FH3 [stuff I want to find]”. That usually works well enough. Google is like magic–prescience on a web page. It often works better than forum search engines that actually function properly.

I have had many problems with the search in these forums. It seems you have to be quite specific in what you searching for. I’ve played with the search a lot and can usually get results.

Assume the Ford affinity badge isn’t unlocking in FM6. If you just search for “Ford”, you will get an error. I think the search is finding too many results. You might try “Ford Affinity”. If you did this in all forums you would probably get the same error. However, “Ford Affinity” might work if you such searched the FM6 support forum. I think the best would be to search for “Ford Affinity Badge Unlocking”. This should return results without selecting a forum. However, I would recommend narrowing the search to FM6 forums.

Addition: Google does give good results.

Helpful Hint…go to the Google. Type what you want to search for, followed by a colon, then the site.


Fastest Car:

Should narrow things down a bunch.

Thanks for your brisk answers !
So, I am not the only one experiencing this search issue ? I wonder why/if they will fix this an/or if they are aware.
It’s not that I get too many hits, I get NO hits and even error-messages- and this Forum sucks, because it’s ssslloowww (Microsoft-Backend?)
Another thing: instant email reminder, absent.

I am active in several fourms (,,…) and the search function does what ist has to do at these.

The Google-Thing I did know yet, but didn’t remind.

THX, though.