Forum suggestion: Split Wishlist threads into sub-forums

FM6 is a ways off, and it will likely be quite a while before we start getting concrete details.

So, in the meantime, why not make it a little easier for fans to chat about what may or may not be coming?

Instead of dumping everything into essentially 3 threads - Track / Car / Feature wishlists - with no structure or threading of topics, how 'bout creating sub-forums…

Forza Motorsport 6
→ FM6 General Discussion
→ FM6 Car Wishes
→ FM6 Track Wishes
→ FM6 Feature Wishes

We all understand that posts get locked and re-directed in an attempt to keep the forum organized and manageable. I defy anyone, however, to say the Feature Wishlist thread meets that target. It is, in fact, the opposite of organized.

So, instead of locking posts with “this belongs in the wishlist thread,” just move it to the appropriate sub-section. It would save time and effort.

Plus, and this is the big bonus, it would allow us to actually DISCUSS topics in an organized and threaded format of related posts.

So, instead of locking posts with “this belongs in the wishlist thread,” just move it to the appropriate sub-section. It would save time and effort.

Even better idea would be for it to be posted in the correct place in the first place, you should know better than most we have more important/better/worthwhile/heck just other things to do than move posts around that the authors couldn’t be bothered to put in the correct place.

As far as Im concerned there should only be 3 or 4 threads in the FM6 section and it was far too early to start the hype let alone setting up an entire forum section dedicated to hopes , wishes and dreams.

Edit - Remember we are moderators not personal assistants here to fix spelling, edit rule breaking posts so they read better, repost peoples greatest wishes in the correct place or wipe backsides. Responsibility of posts are with the author and it is their responsibility (being over 12) to make their posts in the correct manner, within the forum rules and in the correct place.

PS - Forum wishlist thread

Pretty much Point #1 of my post - Yes, I know how much time and effort is needed on the part of the moderators, and my suggestion would reduce the time and effort required to maintain the forum.

Point #2 was, with so much time and so little information, it is NATURAL for FANS to want to discuss EVERYTHING. And, where do FANS head to discuss it? The official Forza forum.

Three or four threads, with no order or organization (making it next to impossible to carry on a conversation) is pretty much saying to the FANS: “Yes, we’ve announced the next version, but please don’t bother getting excited about it.”

I prefer the sentiment “Yes, we’ve announced the next version far too early, but please don’t bother getting over excited about it…yet”

And a sub forum wouldn’t reduce anything, all it would mean is people would complain the subforum is a catch all for daft ideas and post in the main forum because their idea is the best ever and deserves to be in a main forum. It would also mean another 4 sub forums to moderate (More work)

An actual idea would be to make the FM6 forum the same as the news section and remove the ability for anyone to create threads there then delete or move existing threads into the only posts that should actually be there ie The news and wishlist threads.

What do fans want to discuss ? All the news we have ? … which amounts to very little and what there is of it doesn’t really need any more than the news thread and because there is so little news everything else falls into the hopes and wishes category.

Sad - but not surprising. Ah well.

I counted 66 threads, 29 of them locked, who knows how many merged. There might well be a better way, but this is how it’s been done for as long as I can remember. A better approach would mean a different approach, but until that happens, the mods will just be sanitation workers. Can’t blame them for digging a hole to scoop it all into it if all they are given is a shovel. T10 should (heard this before?) take a more active interest and role in their own forums. What kind of buzz gets generated under conditions like these? None. The FM6 forum is just another black hole.

i’m with don. nobody is forcing mods to do anything. if mods no longer want to be a mod , or if its too much work i’m sure the turn ten community manager could demod someone if they asked. its a community site, here for the community not the mods. some mods are decent, some are like a referee that thinks people only watch the superbowl to watch the stripped shirts. people think they are so important??? like a mod does? i am unaware of turn ten forcing anyone to be a mod.

forums are better off with no moderation than over moderation. i remember when che was here he did all the moderation, wrote all the news stories, did everything himself back when forza was selling 4 million copies. too much work? fine. get rid of all the people who find it too much work to do part of what a single man did and bring that man back. bring back che!!! he is da man.

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This is worthy of its own topic… It deserves one, it really does… Maybe I should make a post…

hahaha, a forum with no moderation, thanks that’s cheered me up no end (cant say Im surprised its an idea from someone who has been subject to moderation though). Mods understand the forums are full of users that are also all very different, some have a level of maturity where Dons idea would work possibly very well and others (lots of them) seem to spend every day trying to think up ideas to start a thread so they can join the special secret forum area reserved for users that have started off enough threads (this area doesn’t actually exist).

A subforum for car wishes ? So a forum that would contain an individual post for every possible car because if you think people would just create a single thread for all their car wishes your kidding yourselves. Also there wouldn’t be a only one post for every car because if you think people would check to see if the car they want had been wished for previously and just append their own wishes onto that thread, again kidding yourselves, they don’t do it at the moment so why would they do it when they have just been given carte blanche to start as many threads as they want boosting their chances to join the special secret forum area reserved for users that have started off enough threads (again, this area doesn’t actually exist).

Bring Che back, brilliant, while your at it can you put Reagan back in office too ?

So… how would that be any worse from the Car Wishlist thread?

At the very least, it could give those FANS who want to scan thread titles for car names / track names the opportunity to do so.

And it would be a huge boon to those of us who want to actually discuss aspects of the game.

In this thread, WindsweptDragon has been actively advocating AGAINST allowing the FANS to discuss, talk about, get excited about FM6 (clearly, I would say, from a personal standpoint). Now you’re jumping in with “we’ll end up with what T10 gives us.”

So… are You now telling us that T10 officially does not want Forza FANS to be excited about FM6? That T10 officially wants it to be difficult for anyone to carry on a conversation here? That T10 doesn’t really want FM6 discussed on their forums? That WD’s comments are not his, but are in fact T10’s position?

I would think the moderators would be getting tired of locking posts and copy/pasting “this goes in wishlist thread.” I would think the moderators would be GLAD to have a few sub forums where FM6 could be openly discussed. I would think the moderators would be some of the biggest FANS of the game, and want to advocate on behalf of the other FANS, rather than complaining that they have “more important/better/worthwhile/heck just other things to do.”

Moderators sometimes leave when they have gotten burned out, and the task has become a chore rather than a fun hobby.

Moderators sometimes leave when philosophical differences between themselves and the company they volunteer for become to great to ignore.

And, yes, Moderators sometimes should leave, when they stop respecting the members of the community.

I don’t see a reason for any of the moderators to discuss how we “feel” to make you or anyone feel better.

Reading most of your posts here it is pretty apparent you have issues with moderators or maybe just select ones. If that’s the case I would think you know the right way to go about it. Either send them a PM or contact a Turn 10 staff member.

No, I don’t see any reason for any moderator to discuss how he “feels,” which is why I am a surprised at the CLEARLY “personal feelings” responses to this suggestion.

I know full well that the “right way to go about it” in regards to a dispute with a community member is for the Moderator to handle it via PM.

I don’t have any issues with any specific moderator(s). The moderators here are acting on behalf of Turn 10, and thus my issue is with Turn 10’s apparent endorsement of Moderators running the forum based on their own individual feelings and attitudes.

So, back to the topic at hand. Since it has been made clear that the opposition to the idea of sub-forums is purely individual moderators’ opinions - and not Turn 10 policy - then I see no reason why the discussion should not continue (as it was endorsed by several other community members), and, in fact, be forwarded on to Turn 10 staff.

You know as well as anyone that I don’t speak on behalf of T10 officially. You know that I don’t have any power to create forums. You’ve also been around longer than I have and know that we didn’t have wishlist subforums for the launches of FM4, FH, FM5, or FH2. Don’t put that on moderators. You can submit your request to T10 via If you receive no deviation from history and an automated answer, then you have your answer.

Second post of the thread in my first post “As far as Im concerned” makes it pretty clear that its my opinion.
And its pretty hard to respect any post along the lies of

Title - La Ferrari in FM6
Thread content - Discuss.

Seems mad that anyone would think this is a worthwhile post and deserves a thread unto itself, yet I have seen them. Had the author of the post decided to actually put some effort into the thread and went over his ideas and feeling as to why the car was needed in the game then that would be a different matter but as far as Im concerned its just someone starting a thread for the heck of it.

Two points, not from a position of authority but from a position of observation: 1) on, users agree to T10’s Terms, not the other way around. 2) Moderators don’t self-authorize themselves, they serve ‘at the pleasure of the President’ so to speak, so ask yourself why there are more mods now than in the glory days you refer to.

I’m sure if Don argued the Devil’s Advocate side he’d be able to come up with some strong downsides to wishlist subforums. In any case, we’ll end up with what T10 gives us.


I think this is a great idea. I never look at or post in the wish list threads. It’s like they’re not even there to me. I scroll right on past them. People want to discuss ideas. The wish list threads aren’t fit for purpose. I think they kill these forums. I think your sub-forum idea would work perfectly.

Agreed. FM5 is pretty much dead in the water now so without an active FM6 forum theres little left to discuss if you’re not into FH.

Can’t wait.