Forum Issue

Everyone in the forum shows as Tier #4, Gamers score of 1050, and driving since 2018. The only one that appears to be working is the Driver’s permit level and my own stats.

This has been this way for at least 3 weeks as far as I know.

Not a big issue, but strange it has been so long.

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These forums have been wonky for years. But look at how much Turn 10 themselves engage with us here, they don’t really care about the forums or those of us who are active here.

Very True. Only care about that money.

Interesting theory, how much free stuff did we get in the latest update?

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Not enough to make up for all the issues FH3, FM7, and Forza servers have had since both games releases.

This thread was started in the support section to try to get help with this issue and they moved it away to misc to hide it, instead of addressing it, lol.

is that right? lets see.

HAHAHAHA! It got moved out of the Support section. Typical. Instead of fixing it, they are hiding it.

Its still showing up as an active topic so the conspiracy theory of hiding it is fake

An active topic in the wrong section. This is a support issue that somehow got moved out of the support section, but if you would like to keep trolling be my guess, lol.

It’s in the right section so try to live with it.

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Why was I not told why it was moved to this section? Either when it was moved or by you when you chimed in. Instead I get an unprofessional “so try to live with it”, instead of a reason?

I’m sorry, but where is the help for the fix?

You need to ask the developers/tech personnel, not forum moderators. You can contact them by email at

I don’t know about these web development things, but does the websites usually brake by themselves or is it some mistake commited by someone?

I was always curious about how these stuff stop working suddenly.