Forum is seriously bugged

Hello, i’m pretty sure the developers of this forum have notice double, triple and quadruple posts and that it gives a code error message making you think it didn’t post your replies.

Can we get this fixed please, it is becoming really annoying (especially now that it comes up with a page saying serious error with site).


This is the error i get…

"Forum Error

There has been a serious error loading the forum. No further information is available.

Please contact the administrator if this message persists.

Note: If you are the administrator, and need help with this problem, please visit this url: Turn off CustomErrors in your web.config.
Try Again"

Hope that helps.

This forum seems to be run on a shoestring, both technically and in terms of company representation and engagement with customers.


there has been a maintenance at the beginning of week, like monday or tuesday, Since then forum is unstable.

It’s a real chore to navigate this site. Pages seem to take an age to load and the last week or so has been nothing short of a mess.

There’s so much good info buried here from some very well informed posters, but finding it Is like pulling teeth at times.

They won’t even fix the game, I don’t think they’ll fix the forum :stuck_out_tongue:


They are aware and looking into it.


And what about



Any idea when the “looking into it” ends and the “doing something about it” begins, Max?

‘Cos it’s still acting screwy after hitting the post button :frowning:

I believe that’s an odd equalizer/anonymizer so high total/longevity players have equal weight as a noob.
Max and less well known mods do a nice job here, and T1 doesn’t seem to have a PR/info person on the Forums anymore.
Sad, as they could at least assuage the irritation from issues with game, and make players want to continue playing and upgrading.
Yes, pandemic, yes working from home, hence blank Torben office.
But so are we, and passing time with a T10 game is an outlet.
Pizzing people off needlessly and putting non-employees, unpaid, in the line of fire seems to be the norm in society now.
They need to reimburse the mods as reps, or step up as a company for customers.
Thanks mods, and Max for the spreadsheets, schedules, and babysitting.

Prolly gonna see a buncha issues as they run up to the XSX release.

I think we’re entitled to a decent forum. Lots of publishers are trying to push their Discord servers but forums are still important. Both Halo and Gears have excellent, fast forums, while in Forza we’re stuck in the dark ages.


“We are aware of this issue and are looking into it” seems to be the motto of this team
a buggy forum for a buggy game


A Microsoft product (well, 2nd party) with bugs? You don’t say.


Just seeing if I can post here, because I can’t post anywhere else. I’m having the same issue…

you can post everywhere, just disregard the error message and load the thread again, you’ll see your message was added anyway.

I guess the forum tech stack is collapsing as too old versus security requirements etc. No funding for taking care about it so it stays like this until …

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Agreed. Even with perfect connection, this site is abnormally slow. It also is terrible at cataloging your posts and comments. The post I made that got tons of attention is nowhere to be seen on my post history, but the time I answered simply “yes” to someone asking a question is still there from several months ago? And there’s NO alert when the mods recategorize a post you’ve made (this happens A LOT for me) Like, at least let me know.

Just can this site and move to the Forza Horizon subreddit.

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