Fortune Island Weather

It seems like whenever Spring and Fall roll around on Fortune Island, it’s raining more often than it’s dry. I understand Spring is a wet season and I can deal with the excessive rain. When it comes to Fall(Autumn), it feels like it’s raining about every 3-5 minutes. It seems odd for a mountain with a barren wasteland for a landscape. The weather patterns would be better fitting in a tropical environment. For a DLC map that has a heavy focus on drifting, I would like to see weather better suited for the season. Please share your thoughts and whether or not you’d like to see this fixed.

Remember that this is meant to be a windswept island in the North Sea/North Atlantic. Plenty of rain isn’t out of the ordinary, but it is the wind that would stop a lot of larger plant life from growing on the exposed slopes, and the game doesn’t simulate wind…

As a guide, the Orkneys (off the coast of Scotland, and would be quite an appropriate analogue for Fortune Island) average 18.9 rainy days a month in Autumn (4.6" of rain a month) and only 14 rainy days a month during Spring (with 2.7" of rain per month).

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