Fortune Island, Treasure hunt GLITCHED

So excited for fortune island, and now much confusion and disappointment.

For some reason am unable to complete the first treasure challenge in Fortune Island. Have driven the RAM TRX hundreds of times through the festival apex and it’s not triggering the completion script. To the point where i have upgraded the RAM TRX and got the three stars for that speed trap.

I am wondering if this is because I think I actually managed to get a star on that speed trap before the treasure business was announced by the narrator.

I tried using the treasure map to unlock them all but this is also not showing anything on the map. I wonder of the entire treasure island ‘campaign’ is blocked until this is completed.

Have tried exiting game, restarting console, going back and forth between islands, in and out of the ram. Changing the color of the ram to ressemble a T-Rex, Driving through the apex tooting my horn trying to sound like a T-rex. nudda.

Hopefully I’m a dumbass and I’m missing something obvious. Help please!

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So I seen already few guys do first treasure hunt, where u need to go through that speed zone with new RAM, and I did it too but nothing happent its not PC/Console problem cuz I seen peoples do on different platforms, just one odd thing that happents when I do it, is that when I do, speed zones, speed traps etc. I hear the sounds but no stats, like speed etc. does not show up on screen, so I think it has to do something with that, I just wondering if someone has this problem, cuz I asked a lot of peoples and non of them had this problem, so I am afraid that there is very few ppl that has this problem maybe I am even alone IDK, so I am afraid cuz of that its not gonna get fixed.

The same problem there (Xbox one).
For some reason i am unable to complete the first treasure challenge in Fortune Island.
Have driven the RAM TRX.

I got two stars for the measured section.

First treasure challenge still locked!
You solved the riddle - will not appear!
No red circle on the map!

You have to press A for the circle to show on the map. It says that underneath the riddle.

Finally solved:

  1. Disconnect from power - restart Xbox.
  2. The HUD display must be on !!!
  3. Get at least one star.
  4. Treasure is displayed on the map - blue chests. (The red circle on the map does not show up.)

No, he ment that the riddle isnt solved in the first place, it’s the same for me here, I guess redeeming all of the free DLC cars before entering Fortune messed something up. I tried putting one of the two TRX on the Auction House but still nothing. I might try reinstalling the DLC, maybe that works.


I’m not sure if this was a typo or not, but it should be the speed zone not a speed trap.

I had a little trouble with the third one in the mustang. First I was too slow and didn’t get any stars. The second time I had the achievement pop for Not Just Straight-line Speed - I guess you can’t get both messages at once? But then it unlocked on my third go. Other than that I got the rest without any issues.

Having same problem, but with riddle 2. I’ve taken the 458 Ferrari down and up needle climb thousands of times. And it doesn’t register. Help?

If I recall correctly you need to score 80,000 points or more on the drift.

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80,000 drift points. I guess I would never get it done cuase im very bad at drifting. Been trying fornthe last 2 days to get the achievement completed. Most I ever gotten is 40k.

It’s a really really long drift zone …so many turns
Im terrible at drifting…and hate being forced to do it…but got it done first go

Get one of the dridt pack cars if you can…turn off tcs and just apply the hand brake
Have a read of the thread titles “drifting for noobs”

My go to car for drifting is actually the Morgan 3 wheeler with a high power drift tune on it…crazy little car but small and stays on track

I’m rubbish at drifting too, but that drift is so long I doubled the score easily.

That was painful to read


Have you got notifications turned on

Have you tried restarting the game properly yet

Just go the Settings under hud and gameplay where you can enable and disable Things like that. Just enable it.


also, if you start match-making for online, speed zones and drift zones don’t trigger at all while the game is match making, so doing them while you’re waiting for an online session to start won’t work.

I didn’t have any problems yesterday with this but where are problems with forzathon live. When i was playing yestarday my game crashed few times. Please fix this issue.

I have the same problem, before the update made all forzathon live without problem, after the update I can not do any forzathon live because it crashes.

You can not play well.

And new cut scenes are also having problems

I’m on the XBOX ONE

new cut scenes are also having problems

This is a shame, I would try the support link at the top of this page, they claim to read all support tickets and I’m sure they’d take this pretty seriously.

Why force people to use HUD? I thought the game was capable of tracking score in the background without it.