Fortune Island Treasure #2 issue


I’m unable to complete the Fortune Island Riddle 2 for Forza Horizon 4. I am driving the 2013 Ferrari 458 and drifted up and down the Needle Climb numerous time. Is there anything I need to do in order to complete it? Like for example scoring a minimum score for drifting.


You need to get a minimum drift score of 80,000 in the drift zone

I think you need enough for at least 1 star

I’m having the same issue but I have gotten at least 1 star 3 times now, so something is wrong with this treasure.

Xbox or Win10?

Either Ferrari 458 should work, make sure you have enough to get one star on the drift zone and that notifications are turned on.

At what point is it not working? Do you not get the notification that you solved the riddle or is the circle marking the location of the treasure not showing up?

I have done it with both 458’s. I pass the drift club challenge but nothing happens.

Do you have notifications turned on? Does it tell you solved the riddle?

You’ve got at least 1 star on the drift zone.

I was able to complete Treasure #1 and got the treasure. However, for the treasure #2, I got at least 100,000 points while driving the Ferrari 458.

I did not get the notification that I have solved the riddle; and there is no circle marking the location of the treasure. It was as if nothing happened.

I’m playing this on Xbox One X.

Did you do it in the correct drift zone

Also try restarting your console from the console settings screen and press restart console

Thanks for replying.

There is only one drift zone at Needle Climb though.

I have also restarted my game console, and it is still not working.

Same thing here, I have drifted up and down the mountain with no luck. I think I jacked up the riddle by driving a souped up drift car prior to the Ferrari 458 and scored 100 grand, now the riddle 2 expects that from the Ferrari, which the closest I can get is one star and about 60 grand. Anyone have any thoughts or ideas on this issue?

You need 80k as has been stated several times in this thread
Should be easy enough since the zone is really really really long