Fortune Island not showing up in game, even though installed on PC

Like the title states, and many other posts are titled, I can’t launch fortune island, and it doesn’t even show up as an icon on my map, after multiple restarts of both the game and my PC. I even tried driving to the area around the map where the icon is located for others, but nothing. This is with the Ultimate edition, which I preordered, to support the game.

P.S. I just closed a support ticket after it sat for 44 days without any assistance. The only reply I ever got was 30 days after I opened the ticket and all it asked is “Are you still experiencing this issue”. This game launch was a joke, your support system is a joke, your updates constantly break functionality of the game, game launch bugs still remain unfixed after two and a half months, staff members are constantly MIA from this forum and now we have DLC that doesn’t even work. This will be the last Forza game I purchase, enough is enough.

Same issue here - MS Store states “installed”, but no icon or mentioning in game. please help!

Edit: uninstall → new download → 10 hours later → install → works … why do we ever have to do something like this? it’s more than annoying…

I actually tried that and reinstalling the game manually twice. I only got it to work by uninstalling the game and manually deleting the windows apps folder for forza, and then reinstalling the game. I agree with you on this isn’t something people should have to do. This game feels like a constant untested buggy mess.

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