Fortune Island 'Missing' cars [SPOILER ALERT]

Anyone else missing cars from new expansion?

yeah… Lamborghini URUS

You get that from the second treasure along with a million bucks

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Both Lamborghinis, Koenigsegg, Saleen, Morris, Exomotive, Funco and the Hoonigan Fiesta.
I can access only to the M5 and Ram TRX Rebel.

After the island’s introductory race to the Horizon HQ, many of those were available as free cars at the Autoshow for me just like any DLC cars typically would be.


The four missing cars are progression locked.


Oh, that’s just great! Do we REALLY need more cars locked behind progression?!


So i paid for the DLC only for the car i want to be locked in a grind, ffs. This DLC is pretty messed up, my Ferrari 488 sounds different for some reason, it’s like the sound file has been replaced with the sound of another car. Also the game crashes when trying to obtain one of the XP boards on top of a mountain, does it continously too so…yeah, i’m hating this DLC at the moment.

It’s not even a grind, just play the game and you will get the car.


A grind is forcing the player to meet stupid requirements in order to get the object they desire. In this case, complete events, level up, figure out the riddle, waste credits buying a specific car to complete said riddle and then go treasure hunting. That is the definition of grinding, it’s also annoying. While i understand it’s fun for some, for people like me who work a lot it takes forever to earn and i would rather just buy the car with credits. Honestly i don’t know what’s worse, dumb riddles or Forzathon.


No, this is not a grind. A grind is long hours playing a game to level up or achieve goals. This requires like an hour…not a grind.


Way more than an hour if you want to reach the final chest for the Lamborghini, it is a grind for the reasons i mentioned. Complete events, earn XP, unlock riddle, buy specific car to complete said riddle, go treasure hunting. Rinse and repeat…it’s grinding.

It’s not grinding it’s playing ye bloody numpty ! Never played a game before ? You HAVE to UNLOCK things in many games ! WOOSH big surprise int it ? It’s part of the gameplay mechanics. They don’t ask you to spend 48 hours replaying the same mission over an over (a la RDR2) to unlock a measly reward for St Andrews sake ! I unlocked the Urus after what, 15 mins top ? So much grind aye ? You’re just an entitled, whiny player.


You think no one else works alot? Haha next youll be wanting rockstar to ship GTA6 to you with the story complete since you work too much…


You clearly have not played Star Wars Battlefront II.

100% not grinding. Apparently you’ve never played a game that’s actually challenging and actually a grind…


No, that’s not grinding that’s the dlc:s story. It’s took me less than 7 hours and in mean while i spent at least 30 minutes of smoking, tune few cars and biggest time it take to find chest that took me at least 30 minutes. And nobody dont force to any of that stuff that to get lambo, those will come sale on auction house anyway. Just like boosted i like also that all of the cars just dont give it to you when dlc start like fh3 did.


That’s just great :confused:

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Can the OP or a mod title this thread with a spoiler alert?

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And what about the rest? My definition of fun is not “pay for stuff and we lock it for you”.

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