Fortune Island hidden Mini Cooper?

I searched the forum but couldn’t find anything referencing this.

Has anyone else run into this or know what it’s for? On the East side of Fortune Island I found a small shack, hidden inside is what looks like a Mini Cooper. It doesn’t appear that you can see through the cracks in the walls while in a car… I had to use the Drone Mode to look inside. I was unable to break into the shack to get access. Perhaps it’s just a conversation piece.

Hidden... Mini Cooper?

Location on Map


Should be empty or what?

Sounds like a reused asset from the main game.

Probably the map designer messing about. I used to put hidden things in my games just for fun.

This must be the case, seeing as there is (apparently) no way to access it.

Photoshop??? You think that I would do something like that?

No, really, just go to the location with a Drone and see for yourself. It’s there. You can see it as well in Perfect Dark 51’s screen shot.

My photoshop comment was directed at Perfect Dark’s mini perched on a barn

You know how after a race the cars zoom by onto the white screen, that is actually carried out in the game world as well. So if you end a custom race at the right distance to a wall or into a building usually you can go right through them and get into out of bounds areas (some soft crash the game like near the bridges at the top). I tried it here to get inside and it landed me on top of the building. I have corel paint shop pro because I hate monthly subs and its awful, I’d never overcome the urge to kill myself long enough to edit a photo.

Well I spent some time trying to do the custom route glitch to get in there to see it, but this happens instead.

photoshop glitch huh?

It’s a wonder thers no barn find on fortune island like previous games we had one on storm island FH2 hot wheels and blizzard mountain FH3 we might get one in FH4 again

It could be a spawn point for parked NPC cars, like in parking lots. If you go back to that spot again, is it still there?

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It’s been there since the expansion released. I go back there every time I startup the game, just to try and beat on the shed a bit more to see if it will break. So far, no success… But I saw one of the edges bend a bit as I hit it last time, so I’ll go back and beat on it some more. I think I’m going to need a bigger boat (errr…. truck).