Fortune Island exhibition race

i have 31/32 exhibition races completed. I dont see last race on map. Somebody knows how unlock last race?

Bump have the same issue, anybody know how to tell which one it is?

Maybe post a screenshot of your map showing all races

Try running one of the series you have already completed again, it could just be a new bug from the last downgrade to the game. I had already discovered every road in the UK, but got the achievement again after the last downgrade.
I’m sure there’s probably a few more I need to complete again because of the downgrade. I’ll check Fortune Island when it boots up though.

Edit: I did find one road race that wasn’t completed, which I know for a fact I had already completed.
Sort the map by “New” and see if that’s not your problem as well.

Edit: Thanks guys, found a exhibition hidden behind a completed seasonal championship, now i’m 32/32