Fortune island, DLC cars - cannot access

I have been a FH4 user since released. My Xbox One has 3 gamertags that are frequently used. I have purchased all upgrades including Car Pass and expansions… for reference purposes I will refer to the gamertags as “A”, “B”, and “C”… gamertag “A” was used as my Home and is the owner of Xbox live…

Since the recent purchase of a 2nd Xbox One S… using gamer tag “A” as home. I then set the original Xbox one “C” gamertag as home. All works well, gamertag “C” has access to cars and FI, however, since setting up the new Xbox… gamertag “B” cannot access the cars or Fortune Island. “B” prior to setting up the second Xbox could access these features. What do I need to do??

FH4 is really only played on the original Xbox…

Clear as mud??? Any help would be great! I don’t want to spend the money again to get the expansions and cars if I already have.