Fortune Island Clue #2 HELP!

Hi first of all I am a die hard fan of this game since the Xbox came out and Xbox360 it was easy to play this racing game when it comes to drifting have no issues was able to get like 3 stars all the time and did it all the way to hardest difficulty and made it like piece of cake to me. But as soon as I got Xbox One for this FORZA Horrizon 4 I can not believe how hard it is to drift and yet I am required to use a Ferrari Italia 458 and it worse car to use for Drifting and I cant seems to get at least one star to complete this clue I am where I need to go to get that clue but it harder to get 80k in points as required to beat for 1 star. Any clue to how to beat it I am all ears. My Xbox Live is same as I use on here so send me a message there and add me

I just threw drift suspension on the car and did it one try. I’m pretty sure the 458 has short(ish) gears so you can drift it in 2nd and 3rd gear and be fine. Luckily the Needle Point drift zone is super long so it makes it much more doable to get the minimum 80,000 points.

I’m guessing the car just doesn’t want to drift (too much grip) and if that’s the case, I would add a bit more tire pressure and maybe bump the power a tad bit to get it to slide more.

turn of TCS