Fortune Island Championships not updating

Something I’ve noticed the last few months, but my fortune island championships NEVER update with the new seasons. I’ve read a few other posts about the issue, one that was marked “answered” and the response was that the problem was “being looked into”. And that post/reply was back in April. Anyone shed some light on this?

Answered as in Playground was too lazy to think of more than 4 weeks worth of championships. It only took 4 weeks for them to completely abandon an otherwise pretty good DLC. I think I still have an open ticket months and months old that they are still “investigating”…


When they sell you a VIP pass for €5 you know the game has been abandoned.

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the VIP pass never gave you much anyway
3 FE cars and a free ingame house and double credits, its not really much of a VIP

all sum up in a sentence.

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