Formula Drift Pack cars nowt available ingame

Been playing for some hours now but the formula drift pack when you click on it ingame it shows all empty also the cars are not in the game, all the other cars are there such as those from the welcome pack etc.

Everyone else also has this issue ? On xbox series x by the way

Yes I have same friend also has the same problem.

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I’ve got the same issue with the Formula Drift car pack. (Series X)

Me too have the same issue … inside the pack it’s just question mark and nothing

I got the same issue too, Xbox series X

I take it you guys tried to get them in the autoshow and they’re not there? I got them after playing for 1hr(Series X)

Do I need to unlock something in order for it to appear? It show inown the car pack but when click in , there is only question mark and no car. But I can see when in autoshow which need to be purchase using credit.

Go to your House/Festival
Navigate to left Tab Buy/Sell (Cars)
On right Side it shows CarPass
Select one Car press Button “Claim free Car” (on xbox controller its the one with 3 stripes)
It adds all Cars from there and Formula Drift in one step


Thanks for that shortcut I was adding each one manually.