Former Gran Turismo owner weighing in

Ok so I know I’m late picking it and Xbox and finally getting Forza 5 but there are some things that have been bothering me.
First off I’ve had a Playstation ever since the very first one, which I bought specifically for GT. But with each successor to the series it’s been letting me down more and more. So when the latest generation consoles came out I really wanted Forza but went ahead with my gut and bought a PS4. After all the time I wasted playing bad racing games I finally gave in and sold the PS4 for an Xbox One.
Things I love about Forza 5 over GT:

The graphics- absolutely beautifully detailed. The cars, inside and out. The tracks. The sounds.

The cars: sure not as many as GT BUT a better selection. Not 20 different versions of a some Tommy “something or other” car brand I’ve never heard of. For years if you wanted an American sports car between 1975-1999 it was pretty much “well… Sorry”. I even made a replica of my current mustang. Awesome!

Upgrades - very inexpensive and not too difficult to tune once you get the system down. Throwing in actual aftermarket brands is an awesome idea and really gives cars more personality.

Things I haven’t quite grown to love yet. (ie reasons I MAY buy Project Cars instead of Forza 6)

Upgrades - I seriously doubt that tires for my Ford Focus cost the same as my Ferrari 458. Same goes with engine, suspension upgrades etc.
Also why upgrade at all if every other car on the track is tuned close to yours? I understand making it more competitive but that’s why GT was so much fun, trying to upgrade your car to beat the next round. I spent hours tuning a car just to be told it was 4 points over my current race series even though the series didn’t SAY it was Class A or Class S only. Is this just for multi-player?

Credits - with GT you started off make very little money. Like barely anything and then when you started racing the higher level races you started seeing bigger and bigger gains. It gave you a sense of accomplishment when you finally save up your first 1,000,000. This seems to be the opposite where the more you level up there harder it is to gain money and thus making the higher end cars (at least a little) harder to get. What’s my motivation for saving up for a million dollar car when I can make the same amount diving a Honda Civic?

Cars - why do they even give you an option to remove a car if you can’t sell it? Luckily I found this out on a Hyundai Genesis vs a Ford Falcon R I was thinking about selling.

Environment - I know forza 6 is coming out with night driving, etc. But why couldn’t they put it in this one? Hell GT had it on the PS2. Is it purely from a graphical stand point?

Drag racing - it sucks…

I’ll be keeping my eye on Forza 6 and I’m going to try FH2 but for now Project Cars is going to get a closer look… If they ever get it done.

Well said but slightly unfair comparison, FM5 is for the next gen console whereas GT6 is on the old hardware.

But Forza is head and shoulders over gt6 :smiley:

I have had, (still have) every Gran Turismo and every Forza made. The original Gran Turismo’s were totally ground breaking and amazing. By the time Forza 4 hit I definitely enjoyed it and played it much more the GT5. Forza 5 was a day one game and it felt like a lot of things were left missing such as the clubs, auction house, sending tunes, cars to friends, tracks, cars etc. Some things were taking out because of modding, stealing paints, vinyls, tunes, whatever. They worked hard to fix a lot of these things since it was released and it really has paid off. I think I really might have liked GT6 if it weren’t for F5, but as it is I can hardly make it through the career mode. Love the cars. The 65 Shelby GT350 is Awesome and the interior view is great. Switch over to the gt350R and you get a blacked out generic interior view of God knows what. The handling in GT6 feels unstable and to me not as realistic. If you switch to a behind the car view it’s almost unusable. The clutch, wait! There is no clutch in GT6, that kills me! The tuning is much more detailed in Forza and when laying down rivals times and hitting online racing can become critical. I will be buying Project Cars and hope it’s going to be as great as the hype, but I really think that Forza 6 will probably nail it, will have a lot more features and correct most of the issues people have now. In the mean time throw some rivals and online racing into the mix. I thank God we had Forza 5 from the start instead of still having to wait for the next Gran Turismo to get finished, even though I bet it will be really good. God that was long winded!

ive always played Forza the same way

power isnt an issue, generally the cars have enough power to be competitive in their class

eg. a 520pp stock car has enough power to compete in the a600 class but i like putting tyres suspension mods, bars, gearbox, lsd in it and i generally just tune the final drive so it suits the track

this is fine for every track except Le Mans

there you need a special high speed tune

i think the biggest difference is that Forza 5 feels very bare bone compared to Forza 4 and this is made worse by Turn 10 giving me credits for Forza 4

I turn it on and the music, menus and i end up running a few monthly rivals and realise its a lot better than Forza 5 in many ways

You might want to look at Forza Rewards. As you race your tier goes up and unlocks new rewards (credits).

Run more laps, turn off more assists, and get gold.

Or just hop on and start beating ur rivals. credits will rack up quickly. you are right tho, there is no incentive to go and drive the faster more expensive cars as the reward doesnt increas.

I played every GT except 6. GT5 was a big let down in my opinion, which is why I was glad when they announced that there wouldn’t be any more Project Gotham games, I discovered Forza.

6 years later, I’m still hooked!

Similar story for me, but I started way back with the very first Need For Speed game, (even got selected to beta test Motor City Online), then found and fell in love with the Gran Turismo series and have owned every single one since the first GT game. I even still own the Sega GT clone for the PC! And since GT4 I have also owned and played all the Forza games alongside. With the early Forza games I still prefered GT, but with each GT game that came out since GT4, they seem to be getting too artificial. It’s like in their quest to make GT more realistic, they somehow made it too artificial. In our real world cars and driving feel more organic, more I don’t know how to describe it. But I feel with FM4, 5 and the two Horizon games, the Forza franchise somehow feels more natural like real life. And yes I’ve played all these games with controllers and the latest GT4, 5 and 6 and FM4 and FH1 with good wheels (Fanatec) and Forza just feels like a better, more natural game to me. And graphics wise too, same story. If only Forza had more cars and tracks, that is it’s only short coming to me compared to the GT series.

Of course we don’t need 50 versions of pretty much the same Nissan or Lancer or RX7, but the more variety the better. Just like in real life. It’s fun to play online and beat a guy racing a big muscle car and a massive V8 with your tiny little Mazda RX7 rotary, just like I do in real life! Or a tiny Nissan/Datsun sedan or a Mini beating a Corvette round the twisty stuff. I love being different and there are so many interesting cars out there, and yes, I love V8s too :slight_smile:

My hope for FM6 is that, to celebrate the 10 years of Forza, they add every single car and track from all the past Forza games to it, at launch! Plus others as DLC. If they do that, all I can say is SOLD! And YEY!