Forgive if Repeated Question

Good Morning,

With the upcoming release of Horizon3, I wanted to know if there’s a benefit to Pre-Ordering from one place over another. (United States)

I’ve learned in the past that one place would give a certain car while another place would have something different.

Sorry if this has been asked. When all of this was being announced, and still, I am going through some brain stuff from a horrible car accident I was in 4 mos ago.


Thanks for the help and quick reply. Gamestop or the MS Store it is!


Just buy the cheapest …

I plan on VIP and Car Pass also LOL…this series and me are like peas and carrots.

I just wanted to point out, that the pre-order cars are not ‘exclusive’ or unicorns.

You can buy every of the pre-order cars in-game no matter where you bought your copy.