Ford XB Falcon GT and other cars need their skill tree updating.

Epic car with a common car skill tree, seriously Playground get your act together. If you’re going to change the status of the car make sure to update the damn skill tree along with it.

What difference does it matter what skill tree it has?


Legendary and epic cars have better skill trees, boosts to drift score, wreckage, etc. Common car skill trees are garbage, Playground changed the Falcon’s status from common to epic but didn’t give it the five extra perks that make a car epic. In short, the car should now have 13 perks instead of 8. Legendary and epic cars make a lot of difference, especially when doing activities like drift and speed zones because their perks boost your score.

All the bonuses that follow that car when you update the skill tree. Legendary cars gain more points for using them(if the skill trees are utilized). Common cars only typically have a few spiffs. legendary cars can have lots of percentage boosts to skills, race bonuses, skill multipliers, cash bonuses, extra wheelspins, etc.

Go into the skills of a legendary car and you’ll see how many are available, then go into a common low end car. A full-tilt legendary car you hoon around with can get to the maximum skills point cutoff more then twice as fast as a common car and win you a lot more credits per race.

No idea what you’re on about, this has nothing to do with it. The Ford Falcon use to be a COMMON car you could win in a wheelspin, Playground changed it’s status and it’s now a EPIC car. That means it should have 13 perks, it still has the 8 perks from when it was a common car. They need to add 5 more perks to its tree and change the 8 existing ones so it’s worthy of epic status.

Try reading all the posts before flapping your gums

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Maybe go submit a ticket

You should know that address by now

Didn’t realise that what skill perks they have is what determines whether a car is legendary or not
Im sure there are a few more legendary with a low amount of skill perks
Im also sure there are common cars with 16 skill perks

Maybe go and check every car in the game and report back with your findings :blush::blush::blush:

Also falcon is epic not legendary

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No there is not any common cars with 16 skill perks. And usually amount of skill perks is tied to car rarity so common cars have 8 and legendary cars have 16. But for some reason PG change few car rarity for common to legendary (crown vic, supefast, 911 GT3 '19 are what i know)

And there is allways somebody who will find something to complain, i bet that if PG would have change skill tree on those cars somebody would be complaining that he’s car is not fully mastered anymore.

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That last part is bang on 100% correct

Also what about cars rated as Rare and Epic
The Falcon is actually Epic and not Legendary btw

Rare ones have 11 and epics 13. I correct myself little bit and there is actually common rarity car with 16 perks, Ferrari FXX.

Best skill set to my knowledge is the BMW Fe drift car. It’s not legendary, it’s got a full 26 skills.

The ft50gt I don’t believe has a full page, so again, I don’t get it, what difference does it make?

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“What difference does it make”…seriously man, it’s like talking to a brick wall with you. It makes all the difference because you rank up faster. If you’re using a cheap offroad vehicle that’s only a “common” vehicle you’re not going to earn as much XP and money as you would if you used a maxed out legendary or epic because the perks on those cars boost the amount of points you get and the money you earn from an event.

You’re not the dude insisting 100k for 10 skill points were you, that dude was a hoot.

I get what skill points do, or did you miss the part about the BMW Fe drift car being best skiller/earner, imho, and it’s not legendary yet has a full tree.

Who cares what label they give a car? It’s only a name. Now this thread is yours, and if I’m like talking to a brick wall, what exactly does that say about you??

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Other good cars that can really rack it up are the FE Renault 5 and Hoonigan RS200 with a full tree. They can readily get over 60 skill points during one of the longer skill songs on Timeless if you’re at the rail yard or airport. Heck, you can easily rack up a full set of 10 just driving full tilt from the windfarm to the airport CC without trying.

Lol good luck with the Skill tree the support of this game is useless since the launch of FH4 im sending tickets to fix the AWD overpowered and they ever say “thanks for the feedback” put as solved without make anithing