Ford Mustang Boss 302 Horizon Edition - B 649 ?!

Seriously why it’s rating is so high?

While 100% stock it has rating of B 649
My standard Boss 302 tuned to C 600 is way better than that

I don’t see any logic in this, please explain this to me…

EDIT: This thing doesn’t have special license plates borders?

In stock form it does not have stock tyre compound.

In my experience, HE cars are not in fact 100% stock to start. They always seem to have their own upgrades and tuning.

I think Horizon edition cars have race tires equipped as the default tire compound. Why else would their tires have Forza Horizon on them?

Nope, the Horizon Edition tires are a separate entity seeing as a few of the Horizon Edition cars have the option for a race tire upgrade.

Most of them do in fact come with race tyres and cannot equip Sport or Street tyres.

There are exceptions but this is the general rule.

They may be a separate selection in the upgrades menu, but for the most part they seem to have the same stats as race tires, which is the important part in this context.

I think it depends on the car. I also think that they correspond to one of the standard tire tiers, and the tiers below are unavailable (i.e., you can’t downgrade the tires). The Jaguar Project 7 HE is telling here. You can get race tires for it, up the PI, and lose the tire lettering. So my guess is that this car’s HE tires are in the Sport tier.

Its kinda annoying not being able to downgrade tires on he cars. it makes all a class horizon edition cars useless online as the tires are upgraded too much to get enough power to be competitive. Most of my fast a cars are running street tires, helps to get far enough infront of the rammers that they cant bomb you lol