Ford GT LM Code Missed in the Mailbox

Hello There,

I play Forza sience october the 5th 2015 and have the Gold membership

I Have made evrey Comunity event that i can the Lamborgihni Super Trofeo as well and i Played nearly 250 hours the game.

I Have Liked the Post from The Giveaway Ford GT LM no 66, but i still not reviced the code still Today… all My Friends are driving with these and all says it is awesome to Drive… and I must Drive with the

Street model… this make not a lot of fun.

I Have contactet al so the xbox support but they dont help me :frowning: they sayd i must contact the Forza Team.

I Hope here can anybody help me,

Sorry for my Bad english


Or here:

Next time look around before starting a new thread. The code came from Xbox Live, not Turn 10, and was sent in your Xbox Live message section.

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