Ford GT Le Mans

The Ford GT which is supposed to be an exclusive showcase car to this game just debuted the Le Man version in Real Racing 3? What gives? Wasn’t this car supposed to be offered here first ??!! I guess a deal is a deal.

It was here first. And I’m sure we will get the Ford GT race car in the June car pack

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This thread is gunna be locked pretty soon…

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It’s simple. We just don’t have it, and if Turn 10 wants to stay silent about it, they can do that.

Great…I hope Ea didn’t nab the licensing for it or anything,I hope part of the porsche deal was to get the gtLM in rr3 before forza did…I hope.i hope forza 6 gets the gtlm so,that’s all I need to make this the best game ever and be truly happy.if not it will suck but turn 10 never came out and said anything about the gt-LM being in the game so I can’t be disappointed with them just my self for expecting to much more than was promised…

In negotiating the Porsche agreement with EA I believe there was some give and take on both sides. For example, I’m sure the Studio wanted the Porsche Test Track too, but EA wanted to retain exclusivity there, so the Studio when with the next best thing VIR - a better choice IMO. Then Daytona International showed up in EA’s RR3 not soon after it was released to this game. Too much give and take IMO!

Ford is fielding four LMGTE Pro cars at Le Mans this year in their big return so if there was an appropriate time for T10 to add the car to the game, it will be next month as previously mentioned.


Something I do want to point out about the Ford GT GTE, only the show/testing car had the Forza Motorsport decal on it - since it’s race debut at the Rolex 24H, it has been since removed from sponsorship. I do hope it comes along in FM6 although.

i noticed it too when I saw the race cars in person at long beach and laguna seca.pointed it out to the wife and thought OH NOoo…the viper gts-r carried the forza sponsor logos through out the season when it came into fm4 so I hope this doesn’t mean what we think it means.