Ford Escort. FE

with +50cr for night driving has no freaking headlights, these issues are getting way beyond stupid and ridiculous this late in the game Turn10. And btw are we going to get reimbursed for all the cars we paid for and have now been stolen from us?, if not i will be seeking legal advice.

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There is not one single car that has been ‘stolen’ from anyone. You have no legal case, but go ahead and waste your’s and your lawyer’s time.


This is just lol. Legal advice on a 60.00 game. That’s two faxed papers from my attorney…

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some of you hardcore fan boys have your lips so firmly attached to Turd10s private parts they could give you a rock and say its a diamond and you would thank them, first of all i know the cars were not physically stolen but the use of them is, and s 2nd a class action suit would cover lots of people. so unless you have something more useful to add please have a Coke and a smile and stfu TY

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Legal matters are not open for discussion on the forums. You can contact the developers at