Ford Coupe 32 Forza Edition

there’s a Ford Coupe FE in the auction house that every time i try to buy it i get a “marketplace error”. i thought this car was going to be available to everyone? it looks like they lied to us. shocker. with all the issues this game has i am beginning to regret spending the mint on the pre-ordered premium edition.

If it´s the old Ford De Luxe FE you´re mentioning…

You get it when you buy the X Box Controller (limited Horizon 5 edition).

Don´t think you´ll get the car the cheap way from the auction house, I´m afraid.

i tried to get the controller months ago, but that’s not the issue. they said there would be no exclusive cars in this game. THEY LIED.

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It’s DLC, no different than the VIP-only cars. Just because the DLC sold out doesn’t change anything.

Pretty sure they never said that, because the VIP pack cars are exclusive to VIP players.

The controller was advertised as the only way to get the 32 Ford FE.
It may be available some other way, but at the moment the controller is the only way.

The game allows you to auction the car but it seems it doesn’t allow players to bid on it. I own the DLC and have the car and saw one in the Auction House and it wouldn’t let me place a bid (said I had insufficient credits - I did not). Also couldn’t buy outright.

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Yep. I think their idea was no exclusive pre-order cars so you wouldn’t have to buy the game 5 times from different retailers.

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Controller is still available. It’s not totally sold out, at least not in the US.

Why does this car not show on the car collection screen?

I don’t have the car pass but I have to suffer big blank spaces for those as “missing cars”.

Add it please.

That car is not part of the car pass so it does not count towards the completition of the car collection.

There are no blank spaces, all available cars fit nicely when you get them. Just be patient.

If you want the Ford Coupe, well… you´ll have to buy the FH5 limited edition controller. This Ford is not a part of the game, a kind of “extra” somehow.

Of course it’s part of the game! It’s DLC, no different than the VIP cars or the car pass cars.

You can glitch the car collection screen if you own this car from the DLC code allowing you to complete the Ford collection before it’s completed and I think even double up cars you shouldn’t be able to.

This ford FE Is like Capri FE. Every one want them but no one or almost no one is using this car. I do have this car and well I don’t like it very well.
But it should be visible on collection I think.

I have used the Capri FE very much in FH4 I have to say. Had a great A800 offroad tune for that…

But with the Ford Coupe FE I have to admitt that you are right - it is somehow worthless for racing though it is nice to have. But I thought that it would more joy to race in it or at least do some cruising. But the pretuned version is just some kind of garbage to drive. Even there are no special body parts like on some of the other FE cars in the game.

Is it possible to activate code from Xbox exclusive gamepad in Steam version of Horizon 5?

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tried a dozen times to buy from auctions am told cant download details

I am not 100% sure but, because the car was only available as a DLC for buying the requisite controller, I don’t think anyone else can buy them…it’s like in FH4 where you couldn’t buy DLC cars from the Auction House unless you had already purchased said car in DLC form.

Yeah, you can’t buy it that way. If even you win it on a wheelspin (some people have), you can’t use it. It’s only usable for people who purchase the controller.

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It’s not in wheelspins, no DLC car is available in a wheelspin Anyone that told you they’ve won it from a wheelspin is lying to you.