Ford 2016 GT VS GT HE weight difference

My ford Gt and ford Gt He have he same upgrades but the He GT is 20-30 pounds heavier? Why is this is it because the game classifies them as separate cars tune and livery wise?

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Tires the same… horizon edition track tires…only thing is tuning difference…which they are… unless I severely overlooked a upgrade difference

Check wheel offset. Some HE cars have different wheel offset than base car.

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It’s meant to be that and so as literally all other HE and preorder cars. They’re all a tad heavier even with exact same upgrades.

So those gold license plates weigh more than we thought on HE cars? :laughing::grin::smiley:

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Well, gold is a pretty heavy substance… Guessing its not just paint.

More seriously… OP, did you check the hubcaps?

HE has the Forza wing,maybe the difference,i dunno.

Its wider axles or spacers to bring the wheels out wider.

I just checked in game and it is most definitely this. The wheels on the HE are flush with the wheel arch but on the normal they are an inch or 2 inside.

Yes wings are the same and yes I checked hubcaps

Today I tuned a Subaru 22b sti and it’s HE conterpart to max S1 and ended up being able to squeeze an extra engine upgrade in the non-HE version.

that’s another thing for HE aside from extra fat. They’re “less PI-efficient” which is why I almost never use HE cars except for some with unique engine swaps or unique stock-tire grip ratings which makes them more suited to certain classes.

The only exception I’ve known of so far is S15 HE S1 (custom build) which is mysteriously faster than norm ver. a tad despite the slightly worse stats.