FORCONCOM, Forza Controller Community. Everyone is welcome!

So it’s been on my mind for some time now to try and create a Forza community that will serve as a platform for multiple people suffering from the same disadvantage everywhere. Using a f*cking controller… It’s not that I can’t afford a steering wheel, I live in spacious San Francisco. I myself have been playing FM since two, but only have FM4 on my current Xbox account. I have a lot of experience with online drag racing and, have done numerous cash days and grudge races. I love all forms of racing though, I’ve just always felt at a disadvantage when joining a lobby full of people using steering wheels. Not only that, I feel like I hinder others abilities as I become an obstacle more so then an opponent. That doesn’t mean that I don’t try my hardest to race clean! I’m sure there’s plenty of other people out there who agree with me as well! I’d love to find those people. Whether you’re a club, group of friends, or someone looking to find others to race with feel free to join. We welcome everyone!

I am huge on no prep/street drag racing and would love to build a large drag racing community where clubs, groups, and individuals can use as a universal platform to find one another.

I am currently working on a website, calendar, and finalizing classes for the racing categories I currently have. As I said this is open to EVERYONE. If you currently host a series, are a group of people who have an established series/spec/homologation, feel free to join! I will gladly add your race types/spec/homologation/series to the website, as well designated Discord server channels/roles.

I’ve noticed a lot of communities currently use Facebook groups as a platform to uniform, I have chosen Discord. I feel it’s a lot less personal, less of a hassle to create an anonymous account, easier to access, and easier to organize. I must admit I just recently purged my friends list because of not playing with a lot of my old Forza and various other gaming friends, but I will be actively seeking clubs, groups, and people to join the community. There are some small requirements in joining the community, nothing requiring you to join a FM Club, Xbox group, or tag usage. We kindly ask when joining our Discord server you follow these rules when joining:

  1. State your gamer tag. If you’re a club member and would like your club tag to be shown as well, place the club tag in parenthesis. This will become your nickname in the server.
  2. State the type of racing you would like to participate in, feel free to select multiple. These will translate to your roles, and further allow you into the proper categories/channels. Within each race type/category are multiple types of spec classes for racing. For example NASCAR has; Spec, Super Late Model, Late Model, Limited Late Model, Hobby Stock, Historic Late Model, Camping World Truck, and Late Model Truck as specs/homologation for cars allowed.
    a. DR - Drag Racing
    b. D - Drift
    c. SCT - Stock Car/Truck
    d. RR - Road Racing
    e. FH3 - Forza Horizon 3
  3. If you would like, give a brief description of yourself. Preferred races, classes, your club, etc. This is not a place to advertise on behalf of your club.
  4. Respect all members within the community.
  5. Zero toleration for vulgar, obscene, or inappropriate behavior.
  6. Zero toleration for any type of prejudices.
  7. Have fun and always race clean!
  8. Write “Agree”
  9. Click “Send”

To join simply click the link below and send your intro message to receive your roles and meet others! I will also be making a Xbox Club, which is not mandatory to join, but to further help find more people who suffer from controllerf*ckmeitis. Feel free to add me on Xbox live as well, “ThatGuyGoo88”. You can also add me on Discord if you’d like, “USMC REAPER 6 #8513” Thank you all for your time, and hopefully I see you all in the server and on the track.