Force PC save to sync?

So my PC save is… Significantly behind my series x save but I’m not getting a sync fail error or anything because it’s not even trying to sync despite being fully signed into everything from Win10 to the game itself.

Is there some way to force the PC save to sync? I want to play the game at 4k max settings above 60fps and I can only do that on PC but… I can’t because the save file is like 40 hours behind my Xbox save.

Thanks in advance

Hey I run into many auto sync/save issues between Xbox and pc sue to bugs but here’s what you can do. Note it’s not bullet proof.

Don’t use quick resume on Xbox. Always close game each time so that it syncs from cloud each time.

On both PC and Xbox go to ur car garage before u want to exit. Then go to open world and wait for buffer symbol to finish. Thwn exit.

Sorry about that…

I appreciate the advice but I already do those things. I’ve also never had an issue with a game syncing properly between console and PC.

I need to find a way to force the game to check if there is a save or updated save. I can delete the PC save but I don’t know if that will force a sync.

Not sure if this works, its mostly a network related solution to get access to online features again in FH5 but try to sign out from the xbox app on PC, then start FH5, it should popup a xbox sign in screen and maybe then it will resync also?

Not a bad idea… Excellent ty. I’ll post back if it works.

I could also try uninstalling the Xbox app and installing it again. That would make sure the app is completely reset.

I can also try a couple more things related to that as well. So if any of them work I’ll post back.

On Win11 if you go to apps, Forza Horizon 5, there is a repair button in advanced options. I can’t recall if it’s on Win10 because I don’t remember needing to use it. If it’s there you could give that a try. I’ve had to use it a few times due to the game not starting or syncing.

Also it’s good to have it installed on 2 systems. My X1X sits gathering dust nowadays. Recently I noticed my level wasn’t what it was the previous time I left it and playlist events that I had done weren’t done anymore so fired up FH5 on xbox, drove about a few mins. Next time I started it on PC it was at my current progression. Phew.