For Those About to Drift: We Ignore You!

Or at least this is the message i understand when i think about the point of drfting race/events in FM7.

We have a few tracks in Rivals mode, and remembering the amount that was added in FM6 along 2 years, i think was one, yes one. I´m hopeless the same in FM7…we´ll see.

But the thing is the Free Play: there`s diferents types of races to choose (Standar race, Drag, Time, Drift) but the Drift part is completely pointless since i can´t fight or race against nothing, against any points in a leaderboard, wich doesn´t exist even it would be only a simple line or row more that should show the amount of points, at least in a track with any car…i´m not asking especific class/car/type leaderbords. And as far as i know this is a game about motorsport competition.

But the more pointless of this mode is that you always win regarless of the points done because the system doesn´t save the results (amount of points) even for myself, my own results!!; so i use a paper and a pencil to take note of this results…in 2017.

When i was younger, around 1982, arcade machines were capable to save 10 or 20 best scores and even put 3 letters with your name initials or whatever. Imagine in 2017 an arcade machine that there´s nothing to lead or get over, just like play one time and erase…XD

So, there´s leaderboards in free play for Time Trial, Drag Races but not for Drift, and the most pointless and absurd is that your “local” results are not save!!! points to lead, no nothing…

T10: Think about it; drifters does deserve a simple file or row with the points matched, or at least a game that can save your own results, otherwise is pointless and hylarious to be called Motorsport game, wich is the core of the game.


We cant really get them to split the point leaderboards between FWD, RWD, and AWD in FH3, what makes you think they will attempt to add in another broken entity to the game? Us drifters have realized this and don’t really care at this point.

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Not to mention that “points drifting” isn’t what drifting is about anyway.

You wanna see how you stack up against others, join a drift comp and compete there.

Yes, but races against others is not about crash against other racers, overtake out of the track and sooo amny other tinhgs that this game, and others, allows to do it.

Points are a part fo drifting in terms of angle and path, not the whole drifting thing but is a way to do it, just like standard races wich doesn´t complement with many other aspects, so the way system goes i will say " races isn´t what races are about anyway", in this game and almost in other racing games. Points have a part of sense, or some rules that decides how good or bad someone can do it, is not the sense and core about drift, but in a game… at least T10 should give a sense to their systems, wich not differes too much from reality…if you watch at Formula Drift wich i follow weekly in the Forza Hub; paradoxically…XD.

I´m not moaning about a feature, i´m saying that the purpose is absolutely pointless, regardless of ponits or not, is more simple: what´s the point to drift in ferre play? beyond of the poor implement Rivals options or the non existing online lobbies?? Who can imagine a game wich is unable to save yourself records in points?? and to summarize: point are a part to define drift, i´m not aagree that " point isn´t what drifting is about anyway", is a part and the only one the game purpose in terms of Motorsports…and Drift is a Motorsport, is about points, nor style but…what decides to keep on duel wich another people with drift<>>>??? style?? no.

Points: yes; is not all about drifting but is the way the game offers, or better said: not offer style or other aspects about drifting because is a “sencodary complement in the game” but since FM4 exists drift has been a highly influence that dissapear in FM5, 6 and 7. After 2 years in FM6 with 5 or 6 tracks in rivals and one poor loobie for rwd drift…what can i expect now??? A 3 month game and returning to the shelve because not only drift, is the whoe online thing, is sooo poor and defedtive that makes me stay sad. That´s the furure i expect for this game…great game for a while and a poor standing one-two years reasosns to be excited with it, Forzathons and not so much, just like the “clinical-cold” FH3 was.


Where can i compete agains others, pointsa or not…in Rivals with 5 tracks in 2 yerars??? I love tandems but is not the case, even it will not be unless T10 give us a surprise…XD

Yes, that´s right and i´m agree with you but regardless of points (and is a point of view), what is the offer of a motorsport videogame witch offer, or design, a way to drift based in points???

Ok, for many drifters points doesn´t have sense, but how is the point in a game that offers you a way, but the only way, to “race against” others than points???..surely that is not all about points, but…come on T10!!! if the idea is about points they sholud be consequent and not let the option out and !says!.."oh, well, is a question o f more things that points…??? wait!! if they put driftin a game please take it seriously and not make bad jokes.

I´m right that a …say what…a reverse entry is not gonna offers you more points, instead the points are gonna be lost for obvious reasons (angle lost) but far away from the points thing is the way they set in a competition of drift and reduce only to a question of polints, so GIVE A SENSE TO THAT!!!..I love drift refardless of points but the points thing is a way, at least for me , that makes me still trying and plays a lot more that the absence of this feature. So it could be say that i will not stay 2 years palying in a ridiculous systenm that purposse me such stupid non-competitive way, even that if points doesn´t define drift, is a must have that they deicides to not support bur hey!!! they alwais talks a bout driftter community, they put a big effort in Forza Hub to follow Formula Drift and so on, but finally what i recieved is an unsense drift part of the game broke, pointless and poor useful.

I´m not drift points seeker but i realized that this part keeps people race against other…so if they doesn´t offer is a pretty stupid decision, And yes; Drift is not all about points but…you known, is past of the game that is not only forgiven: is an stupid way to carry on,

Salute! and sorry for my poor english,