For the love of cars (and photography) - Comments welcomed!

Hey everyone, thought I’d share some of the shots I’ve captured so far! Nothing too serious, I know there’s room for improvement (as always) but had fun doing these. All the shots that you see come straight from my forza gallery. I do not edit them in any programs like photoshop, etc. That is my own personal preference, doesn’t mean it’s the best way. I try to make each shot as unique as possible, using a multitude of different cars and paint colors as well as different angles and photo composition. Page 2 has my best work thus far so feel free to skip ahead to there. Enjoy!

Don’t be a stranger! I love everything cars and I love making them look especially amazing in photos. Leave tips, comments, your favorites, or negative feedback!

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Took this one last night. Loved the shot and love the car (M4 horizon edition)

Rolling shot

Really like this one. Great set-up, colour and sense of speed.

Sergio, thank you! That’s what I was going for, I really loved the colors surrounding the red Ferrari

Here are some new photos I took of the 2014 BMW M4 (blue) and M4 Horizon edition (Red). Love this car!

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Here are a few new angles that I’ve been experimenting with. Let me know what you think!

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The composition really seals the deal for this photo.

I notice you’re posting your photos directly from your Forza Gallery rather than hosting them via a site such as Flickr. While this is fine for posting photos short-term, they will disappear once you un-share them in game. It’s suggested that you use Flickr or similar image hosting sites when creating galleries here. If you’re unsure of how to go about this, you can find a guide HERE.

Thank you! I’ll look into that! I’m new to this so that was very helpful.

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Some more shots from this week! Enjoy

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Love the color of this one. Looks awesome.

Posting because no one is commenting…haha. Hoping to get some bites with these! And because I just got the Lola in forzathon and I wanted to photography it! Enjoy

Had to give the Maserati some love as well

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SDot, thank you! I saw the reflections on the car and knew I had to capture it

Really like the lighting here, good work.

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Desperado, thank you!

I really like the soft lighting in these shots:

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Nice job with the latest photo’s Marshall. Look’s like your’e getting on well with the settings.
One thing I’d recommend, is to not have the car in the centre all the time. Sometimes it works brilliantly, but not always. The best guy’s around here use “Rule of thirds”. There’s a tutorial link somewhere around this forum…

Nights Viper, Thank you! That m4 shot might be my favorite one. The lighting from that environment was incredible.

Sergi, Thank you for the feedback! I do really appreciate that. I’m familiar with rule of thirds in photography so I will have to include that in forza! Never really realized I had the car in the center in most shots but looking back I see that. I will work on that and post some new stuff this week!

Did some experimenting with rule of thirds

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Good stuff! I really like the M4 the most