For the love of all things Holy: FIX ELIMINATOR!

You guys have to address this mode! Why are random players allowed to interfere in a H2H?? I just lost a race against a level 10 Brocky that I had on the ropes. I was driving along in level 5 Maserati along the road, he was little further ahead of me but he chose to take a path through the trees. The only chance I had is if he hit one and what do you know, he did! So me thinking I was surely gonna win this race, another player driving north on the map sideswipes me, didn’t quite spin me out so I was able to recover. Then as I’m rounding the last turn, another clown coming directly at me runs into me head on as I was 25 feet from the finishing spot, I lose the race. I want someone to explain to me how this whole ordeal was fair?

Why aren’t the other players you aren’t racing against ghosted?! Just as they do if you’re going through a speed or drift zone? I already had the odds stacked against me but now other players can pile on to ruin my chances at an upset? That’s only one part of the problem in Eliminator! When will you guys remove cars that are upgrades but not actually upgrades??? Level 5 Desert Flyer that only has 135 top speed or a level 8 Metro who also has a top speed of 135 or the level 8 RJ truck that’s limited to 165 because it only has 3 gears?? Three!!! Its ridiculous to lose to cars levels below you because the top speed is limited because it only has 5 gears! Then there are the 2WD cars that you may get stuck in trying to climb a hill or even grabbing traction at all in the dirt.

There are cars in this mode that logically DO NOT BELONG. Please just remove them and replace them with ones that are drivable on all terrain. PLEASE stop allowing other players to interfere in your H2H! No one likes to lose because an outside party got involved to tip the scales to your opponent. NOT FAIR!!!

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Hate to say it but I prefer it how it is. That is not ghosting other players.


Ouch! That is brutal. I really dosen’t make sense for the cars outside the H2H to not be ghosted. Hopefully there is a fix inbound soon.

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Doubt it. FH4 was the same and they ignored the complaints about it there. FH4 Eliminator has loads of flaws, never fixed. But it’s still better than FH5’s version.

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I played only Eliminator the last days to get all the accolades only missing the bugged lvl9 and the win 7 eliminators and I actually like all the things you complain about.

I like that you have to consider every opponent even if you are in a H2H and that you have to think about upgrading or not. I actually disturb the winning car in a H2H to get an easy win against the “winner”. And I actually like winning against a higher lvl opponent when I have the better low lvl car.

It’s not the brainless mode you want, but you have to think. I really like that.

I’m fine with the cars. Makes you think about whether you want to take that car drop or change cars when winning a H2H.

But I’m not a fan of non-racing drivers being able to disrupt a H2H. When in a H2H, you should be focusing on the terrain and your opponent, not the guy in a better car driving alongside you trying to make you lose. In the commonwealth they have a saying “that’s not cricket” meaning it goes against the spirit of the game. It’s what I think when people are able to make me lose a H2H. If they want to make me lose, they can wait until I finish my H2H and challenge me themselves. Ghost the cars in H2H so that others cannot interfere whether it be accidentally or intentionally.

I understand people’s concern over the non-ghosting of third parties to your H2H but it’s part of battle Royale games.

I play my fair share of Fortnite as well and I’ve lost countless fights because of third parties (people who wait until one of the players in a fight is weak or low on materials and then sweep in and eliminate the remaining player or both)

Unfortunately, it’s part of the battle royale experience and something you’ll have to put up with. Fortunately, it happens very rarely in Eliminator it’s basically unheard of.

Yesterday I had some guy run into me head-on while I was on the highway and continued to pester me all the way to the finish line - I was far enough ahead of my opponent that I still won, but this guy just wanted to race ME and only me instead of finding someone else to challenge. Managed to find a level 3 car and bet this dude in the next challenge though so I got my revenge

How can it be so rare that it’s “basically unheard of” when you then go on to say of a time it happened to you? I personally have had it happen about half a dozen times with someone intentionally trying to disrupt my H2H and several times where a collision with another H2H cost me a race. I’d say this happens about 5% of the time that I do Eliminator.

I’ve had it happen twice or three times at most in the hundreds of games of eliminator that I’ve played over H4 and H5. I understand that’s its really annoying, but people need to understand that this is something that happens in Battle Royale games - go play Fortnite or Warzone or PUBG, I can almost guarantee you’ll be ‘third partied’ like this in every game to some extent or at least that’s my experience.

As Labradoodle stated above, they purposely slow down the faster/higher level car in some H2H’s so they can challenge the lower level car when they win the race. Third partying is part of the battle royale experience and is something people need to understand.


Still not cricket

I feel for you. I’ve played over 300 Eliminators and won 9 including doing the no drops accolade. Think I might have been disrupted in a head to head once so not really an issue in my opinion.

I agree some of the car levels seem wacky. I’ve won several times in the level 5 Levante. It’s a lot quicker than some higher level cars. And some of the RWD cars are a handful to drive. But I guess this is all part of the game.

Generally I’m fine with the Eliminator in H5. It’s just let down by the map where the final showdown often comes down to the fastest car. H4 had a bit more strategy and map knowledge required.

One thing I would like is the ability to turn traction control and stability control off. The RWD cars are a lot better to control with them on. But then I would turn it off for many of the AWD cars.

The car selection does need a revisit but the non-ghosting thing is fine in my opinion. I suppose it’s eliminator’s version of third partying


Problem is, being on the menu pauses the timeout bar when you are outside the arena… no joke
I did found this, and that is really surprising it works, as it shouldn’t be
Imagine this if 15 other players were doing this at the final position of the safe zone, or that some peeps were doing this in areas where the final finish line is… they would always win like this, they just need to be lucky at it

I bet to differ. I feel like it is good to no add the ghosting. This is a Battle royale mode everyone against every one. If Ghosting was added then it would lay just flat. It would be funny to see fornite or Warzone Ghosting players because theres already 2 people shooting each other smh

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It’s not the same though. In Eliminator, once a H2H is initiated, only one of those two players can be eliminated - those who aren’t in their own H2H can’t be. I always try to avoid other people in their own H2H because I feel wrong interfering.

But anyway, I could live with that. The worst thing is the big messages in the middle of the screen, as said above. I’ve been playing FH4 only so I can’t remember how much of the annoyances have been carried over to FH5. I know the messages on screen are the same.

In FH4 the annoyances are also that opponents nearby literally disappear not just from the minimap but from your view right in front of your eyes as well, after you complete a H2H with another player. So you have a few seconds where that player knows you are there, but you don’t see them, making you vulnerable and disorientated. Also the car shifts down to reverse gear on its own for no reason I can discern, your engine volume is near muted, and your HUD disappears, so for a few seconds you have no idea what gear you are in, where you are, or if there is anyone around you. How stupid is that?


I’d just like that they’d get rid of the prompts and eliminator notifications that flash in the middle of the screen for starters. People have been complaining about that since they introduced this mode to FH4. They never fixed it and managed to do the same in FH5.

ThE dEvElOpErS aRe LiStEnInG tO tHe CoMmUnItY… sure they are.


agree on cars list. my most hate is lv 8 MG metro 134 mph top speed for lv 8 car is just pathetic. almost no advantage against lv 6-7 cars.


One improvement I would like to see is the ability to pick up a car drop when I’m in a head to head. Yup there would be a pause and I’ll lose time but when I’m in my beetle and getting picked on by a higher level car it could make things interesting.

There’s nothing more painful then driving past a lvl 10 car drop during a head to head race.

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My tactic if I see people loitering around where my race is going to finish is to just keep driving away from the area and if they do try to chase me, or I think they are even if I can’t see them is to maximise my immunity by waiting until the last possible second to select my upgraded car.

And when you finish a race the game forces the car to brake a little and shift down a gear, so if you slow down to a stop after a race as it seems you are - the game will always force the car into reverse which is stupid and quite annoying.

This is something I’ve wanted to be trialed in the eliminator, it would add an interesting tactic to the game. However, I reckon that the races are too short for you to regain the deficit you achieve while taking the car drop - and those without SSD’s couldnt benefit from this as much as those who do, making it virtually useless for a proportion of players.