For sale: Lots of Mclaren 720S PO for sale.

Price 10 million each. Lowest anywhere.

Cool so you just scammed me for 10mil cool (update:Just received my car from him after 2 days)

Double post

Your car is waiting. Did you check your xbox chat? Msg me

I didn’t scam you. You are not even replying to my Xbox Live Chat. Your 720 PO is waiting for you in my garage.

Edit. Car successfully sold.

Few more remaining.

How did he scam you ? Thought it seemed too cheap.

Double post

is this post legit?

I just received my car right now but it was a terrible experience I wasn’t in the wrong for assuming you were scamming me what was I supposed to think when after I bought the ford off you to make up the sum of the p.o car for 10 million you suddenly telling me that “I have to go to sleep you’ll get your car another day” I’m pretty sure anyone would assume it was a scam because if you pay for the car then and their you would expect the trade then and their as well. At the end it wasn’t a scam because I received the car as of now but it was an unpleasant experience

10 mil for McLaren isn’t that good of a deal. ill sell anyone right now for that

Still have it? I’m interested.

Yup. Lots available. Add me sanke4

Very nice guy to buy from.

If you have any doubt about how to make the transaction or anything, he’ll help out.

Thanks again dude!

You are welcome. Still many more available
Msg me on xbox live


Still many available. Will help with auction process. Msg me on Xbox sanke4

I’d like to buy one, my IGN is the same as on the Forum.

I’d like to buy one as well! My IGN is Silent Valiance.