For Fox Ache December gallery update now including Dali paint. 28-12

ok so this months paints so far, firstly im going to start with my Bandit Burt on the 77 Pontiac Trans Am Fire bird, its been a pig of a paint so far as i cant get the colouring right and now to be honest i have lost all interest in trying to recover this paint, i might at some point start it all again but its not high on my to do list

GetPhoto-30 by eliotpoulter, on Flickr

next i have my updated ‘Arctic Tundra’ paint which im quite happy with

GetPhoto-24 by eliotpoulter, on Flickr

GetPhoto-18 by eliotpoulter, on Flickr

I have my ‘Tigers’ TT

GetPhoto-11 by eliotpoulter, on Flickr

GetPhoto-14 by eliotpoulter, on Flickr

continuing on my nature theme I (for the wife) have just done a butterfly paint

GetPhoto-23 by eliotpoulter, on Flickr

Finally, after watching many Stuzib85 paint tutorials and paint sessions watching how different techniques and finishes were created I thought about doing something really quite outlandish thats way out of my league and a massive step up from anything i have ever thought about doing before, so with massive thanks to stubiz85 (i doubt i would of been able to do this so well or so quickly with out watching) i am incredibly proud to show you guys my version of Dali’s Metamorphosis of Narcissus

GetPhoto-26 by eliotpoulter, on Flickr

GetPhoto-36 by eliotpoulter, on Flickr

now i know it is not 100% pure to the original ie some of the fine detailing, but no one will notice that speeding down a highway, not sure either of what car to put the share on so any suggestions and requests will be listened to, (flat side panel cars please)

Comments suggestions and tips more than welcome, thank you for your time

For Fox Ache

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Looking good

Thanks hotrod


Your talent is clear to see it just a matter of time Getting used to the editor and your be flying great work mate keep em coming !

i think im getting there dj.

And so another big influence on my life and music career i give you RANCID …AND OUT COME THE WOLVES, in my opinion their best album (narrowly edges out Lets go) and a great image

GetPhoto-10 by eliotpoulter, on Flickr

GetPhoto-32 by eliotpoulter, on Flickr

Looking good mate nice work I went through you Flickr some great fm5 paints aswell keep up the good work

Thanks DJ, I only actually started painting in fm5, my first paints were the cartoon archer stuff, didn’t feel much satisfaction from doing cartoons as I felt they were too easy, so I moved on to the portraits I think my paints are good, my big problem is I generally leave them at only pictures and not complete car designs if you know what I mean

Me again, lol.
Good work + thanks for the mention.