For drivers who are looking for more competitive and/or clean races, Horizon Team Wars is a thing

As we all know, ranked FFA and TA game modes are not exactly very competitive unless you get very lucky and get in the same lobby with some of the bigger streamers and their army of followers. However, it seems like so many people are still unaware of this great thing called “Team Wars” where teams of all skill levels go up against each others in various classes on various tracks every weekend and where clean and fair driving is not just encouraged, but actually mandatory.

For drivers who don’t have a team, you can also sign up as a free agent and get recruited by other teams who are looking for new drivers or if you’d rather just casually observe the competition and see if you can learn a thing or two, that’s completely fine as well.

In addition to team vs team events, there are also weekly FFA races where each team designates one driver to compete in a ~30 minute race, and a new country based competition is starting in two weeks (and this one has a prize pool as well).

Everyone is welcome to join no matter the skill level, there are hundreds of people actively participating on a monthly basis and races are actually fun and fair. The most broken cars are banned and classes go from low A class to S2 depending on what each team prefers.

If you’re interested in something like this, here’s a Discord link so you can check it out: 🏆Forza Team Wars

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Wow this looks really cool I’ve always a competitive seen on FH4 and I just saw they have this new tournament where drivers are being organized into groups by nation and are competing to find the quickest nation on Forza Horizon 4.

I’d suggest moving this to the main discussion forum. It just won’t get seen here as the Racers lounge is basically gathering dust. I’m only here as I wondered what CJ was doing on the forum and checked out his posting history.

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Ye someone said they joined TW from the server so I hopped on the forum to see and then I just started wondering around but ye I’ll tell clam to post this in general tmrw morning