For a issues

To anyone at Turn 10,
I have found the following issues I would like to see addressed. The paint booth in forza 7 has many issues with paint and decals, the paints are not showing up on cars, carbon fiber, matalic paint, and more. Also could you please add the paint texture to the decal area, would help make some cool paints for those painters in forza. Next is in the game play, where is the restart button for in race games, it sucks have to quit a race and then go back and have to restart. Also where is my tuning capability, need to be able to test drive cars to be able to tune. And the biggest, where are the class rivals. The best part of the game is to be able to post times and compete against people. And could u please expand those to maybe include drivetrain and finally over all ranking in the world for the whole game like back in the first couple of forza’s. Also where is the stock wheel upgrade like in forza horizon 3.
Thank you

Thank you for your feedback.

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