Followed Creator

Hello to whom this may concern,

I’m followed to a creator and none of his/her designs and tunes never show up, Unless you search creator and yes I have them followed. I feel bad for this creator since none of there designs show up unless you search Gamertag. Please help Turn 10

When you follow a Creator, the items (a few) will show in the “recommended designs (or vinyls)” section. There are other “recommended” ones in there, too. If what you’re seeking is not shown to you there, use regular Search on the gamertag.

You will NOT be shown all Vinyls, for instance, for the gamertag. And in Designs, you won’t see a result expect by going into each manufacturer, each model, one at a time. Poor developmental process there, but they haven’t done anything about it. There is no “universal” search by Gamertag in Designs.