FMDA Forza Motorsport Drift Association 2018

These are the rules
The basics

Car build rules:
650 HP cap
A and S Class only anything above S class is “illegal”.
NO race slicks.

Forza Aero is allowed if you so wish to use it!

Tunning rules:
NO positive camber on the front tires

NO spectate judges, all judges must be static on each corner of the secton that is being battled.
GAP, ANGLE, LINE, CLIPPING POINT, SPEED must all be judged!!! these five key points must be judged on each corner. I strongly suggest all judges keep a check list…


However……. Gap can be taken away if the follow car is “lagging”. If the lead car is too slow… its your own fault, you bring your own weapons to the drift battle.


The Spin out stall rule only complies for turns under 50% of the run. if 2/3 corners can be judged, the spin/stall goes against the drifter for the final turn. However if its under 50% of the run, you may do a redo. You only get 2 chances though.
(A maximum of 2 redos per person for the entire ROUND. After that, the person who didn’t spin out can take the run.)

The 50 Roll:
Obvious one. Drifters must drive between 47-50mph during the 50 roll zone for each track. anything above and bellow is fail. A maximum of 53 mph is allowed during a 50 roll, but must be returned to 50 MPH ASAP. (for those who have an itchy RT finger) Accidents do happen…

No overtaking during the 50 Roll!

If the follow car contacts the lead car, and causes the lead car to stop drifting, or pushes the lead car too far away from their line, the RUN goes to the lead car. If the follow car contacts the lead car, and the lead car can continue drifting, the result is a loss of that CORNER.

Of course, if the lead car feels that its nessesary redo that run, then that option is available.

No Overtake Zones:
This really isnt nessesary but ive seen so much fail in my life as a judge that this has to be added. after a 50 roll, you cannot overtake a drifter untill they have reached the start of the first turn! Otherwise might aswell have a judge during the 50 roll. I’ve witnessed this happening loads of times. Especially to those noob drifters looking for the cheap win. So the NO OVERTAKE ZONE is between the 50 roll and the first corner of that section.

Clipping Point:
Clipping point is going to remain as white line, if there isnt a white line present, the the clipping point will become the edge of the rumble strip.

Tire Drop/Dirt Drop:
Two or more tires in the dirt is considered a dirt drop, therefore the call for “clipping point” in the battle must not be given to that drifter. You can still judge it on Speed and angle, so i stress that judges dont deprive a drifter of the whole turn due to a dirt drop. ONly one tire in the dirt is allowed and you can only call inside clipping point from the second closest tire to the white line. (Pressuming its a front tire that dirt dropped)

So basically if a front tire dirt drops, that tire is off the track, the next closest tire to the clipping point must be used from then on during that turn.

Additional rules for tournament use only:

Tournament Battle lobby cappacity: (Tournament Rules only)
Each room must have
. 1 FMDA track staff member
. A Minimum of 3 judges
. 1 person from each team.
Paints/Liveries (Tournament rules only)
Each person MUST have the FMDA sponsor box on their car.
An official 2018 version will be up shortly

Complaints and battle issues
Contact the event organizers with problems or issues
(As stated by Slydeways chr1s, and Slydeways ty
Rule 2. If you have an issue, please tell the track staff member. The track staff memebr should then ressolve the issue inside that battle lobby. Once you leave that battle lobby, your opinion will not count.

Track staff members must try and ressolve the issues at hand. You must be polite, try not to argue back and keep your cool. most problems that occur are tire drop related, and contact related. You must ensure the drifters that they understand the rules that they are drifting to, and should they feel that they are right, though the rules clearly state they are wrong, ignore them.

Twitter:Slydeways Chr1s
Twitter:Slydeways ty
Twitter:Slydeways Mafia

front engine/mid engine/rear engine?
tire width?
weight limit?

Tires or bumpers used for marking clipping if no dirt drop.


Glad I quit competition when it was actually good and not overly complicated junk.

So yo stopped after 2?
These rules aren’t all that different than those we agreed upon back then. The only different one being using lines instead of rumble strips.

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Anyone wanting to join in on this contact Slydeways Chr1s
For more info

Everything has changed new rule book coming as well were,going to take it mainstream

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Why are you using the FMDA name as a contest?

Boiiiiii it made me really happy to see this post!

Did you guys plan on starting up more of these?

How often do you guys have lobbies goin?

When’s the next comp? And is there team comps? I got a squad of 3 I think we’d kill it

When’s the next comp? And is there team tandem comps?

Interested hit me up on xbox if any one wants to get sideways