FM7 on XBOX One S Freezing Before/During Race (Unplayable)

TOPIC: FM7 freezes when race starts and brings me to the home menu.

I haven’t played Forza Motorsport 7 for over a year because the game broke. I start up FM7 and it kept on freezing with a static sound every time I start a race. The game was unplayable and I let it sit on the shelf until just recently, but when I played it, the game still had lots of loading problems and the freezing in the beginning of the race that takes you back to the home menu still happens.

I have heard about FM7 freezing on PCs, but not much on XBOX One. Any help fixing this issue would be greatly appreciated.

Have you tried uninstalling the game and re-downloading - know it’s a pain, but it might help; maybe the disk drive on your console has got slightly corrupted.

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@SkiwiNV Thanks! I did what you said and it works! So far so good, I really appreciate your help. Be well!