FM7 No counter steer when drifting with G920

I just got the game on sale and I have seen videos of people drifting and the wheel counter steering but when I opened the game and set up my G920 and through the car into a drift the wheel would not move I have to counter steer for it I even set up the wheel different ways like some people in youtube videos did and it worked for them but not me. Is it my wheel or something in game settings im missing. Im playing on PC with a G920 wheels.

I’ve done my wheel setup with this vid: Forza Motorsport 7: Wheels Settings for 900 Degrees (PC) - YouTube

Have a good listen to his explanations of what wich setting does as some seem to be rather oddly named. My settings are very close to those in the vid and changed my TX from a heavy, stiff and clipping wheel to a nice subtle and “realistic” feel.

Hope this helps you some.

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