[FM7] Forza & paint booth....Are masks available?

Not sure ifn this has been asked for F7 previously as can only find references to F4 and Forza horizon titles, but is the mask tool available in F7 vinyl and paint? Looked everywhere for it but don’t see it? Know it was deffo in F4 but been that long since I played F4 (and dont have a xbox 360 anymore) not sure where it would be in F7?

On a side note, is there any backward compatability for Forza 4 and Forza 3 on Xbox one? TIA

No backwards compatibility for FM3 and FM4 on Xbox One - it would have happened before now if it were ever going to happen but right from the availability of Xbox One, Turn 10 has never indicated this was even a possibility.

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Yeah, missed opportunity there, would have been amazing to have been able to go back and continue with F3 and F4. Forza 6 I never really seemed to like, not sure why and the horizon games are too arcade like for me…prefer more simulator like racing games.

Looks like there won’t be any more coming to F7 either as it’s been discontinued in Microsoft store which is a real shame.

Still wondering about the possibility of the “mask” option in paint, really hope there is a way to do it!