FM7 - Crashing on the initial movie

Hi guys i have one big problem… everything working fine but when i try to start forza driver’s cup during the cutscene the game suddenly turns off. Free ride or multiplayer is working fine. Somebody know solution ? Thanks in advance

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Hello :wink:

I had a lot of prob like crash no acces to the rivals best times, no message, no acces to auction house… now all is ok, try to do that , i hope will be ok for you too.

switch the console off by pressing the power button on your xone (press your finger on the power button for 10/15 sec.) After that, unplug the power cable and the power supply too. Wait for 10 minutes… reconnect all and make a test with forza 7. :wink:
I hope that will be usefull and will works for you too :wink: