FM7 Crashes after 1 second.

Hello everyone,

I am a Windows 10 machine and when I launch the app for FM7 it crashes to the desktop after about 1 second with no error pop-ups. I have attempted a reinstall to fix the issue but this has not worked either. Ideas?

My machine has an FX-9560 liquid cooled cpu, RX480 and 16gb of ram. Running Windows 10 Enterprise x64 bit. I know my machine isn’t the bottle as when this game had worked I got a solid 60fps.

Try downloading something from the ms store then cancel the download. It must read it’s actually downloading. Then try starting Forza 7.

This is the only consistent fix that has worked for the 1 second crash bug.

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Wow, such a stupid thing to have to do each time I want to start the game on my PC but wouldn’t you know it, it worked.

Holy $h!t it worked!? Thank you so much man!

after over an hour with Microsoft tech support, the only fix that worked was to roll back from build 1709 to the previous version of windows, build 1703 which is supported till next September, Microsoft should have a fix in place by then, or another build allowing you to bypass 1709 altogether

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Thank you.
I have been mucking around for days trying to get Forza to work, just done this now and it resolved the issue.
Honestly though, shame on MS, this feels like a problem with some sort of Auth token related to the store, this shouldn’t happen.

Can someone please add this to the sticky on the forums, there must be a heap of people facing this issue. I’m sure we are not the only two people to come across this.
Sound’s like it can go under the known issues list.

I think the store related problem is that the token/certificate that gets generated is only valid for 1 day. Use MMC to look at the certificate store. Go to Console Root->Certificates (Local Computer)->Personal->Certificates. You’ll see one issued by XBL Client IPsec Issuing CA - it’s only valid for 24 hrs and seems to get regenerated/updated whenever you start an actual store download.