Only painting in bursts so this might well be a short lived thread but, while I’ve got a bit of the old buzz back…

I’m not much of a Forzatographer & haven’t really got enough designs for a Gallery as such. With that in mind shared designs will be listed with File, Search & in game Replay info where applicable. In the absence of a storefront, I also make a clip of every car I paint which can be seen on my Xbox Live feed. Thanx in advance for any feedback, downloads etc. :beer:

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(In game quick search description: MD)

File: RCC Inspector - Car: 1967 Lamborghini Miura P400

File: MR BENN - Car: 1971 Lotus Elan Sprint

In game replay: Brands Hatch Indy

File: Great Game Cosmo - Car: 1972 Mazda Cosmo 110S Series II

In game replay: Prague Short

File: Burger Shot GTO - Car: 1969 Pontiac GTO Judge

In game replay: Sebring Club

File: BurgerShotCougar - Car: 1970 Mercury Cougar Eliminator

File: Dominator - Car: 2013 Ford Shelby GT500

File: Redwood 72 - Car: 2015 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat



(In game quick search description: MD)

File: LMRT Silverstone - Car: 2015 Chevrolet Camaro Z/28

File: Great Game S60 - Car: 2015 Volvo #33 Wilson Security Racing GRM S60

File: DragonRacing1 - Car: 2014 Ferrari #51 AF Corse 458 Italia GTE

In game replay: Watkins Glen Short

File: DragonRacing458R - Car: 2009 Ferrari 458 Italia

In game replay: Road Atlanta Club

File: DragonRacing458Y - Car: 2009 Ferrari 458 Italia

In game replay: Daytona Short

File: Kinderhande #55 - Car: 2014 #55 BMW Team RLL Z4 GTE

In game replay: Hockenheim Short

You can probably guess where I’m going with this, wanted to paint something to mark the start of the new series…

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So who’s going to tell me he rendered that dragon with just the xBox and a controller? I call BS on that now.

Lovely work BTW.

You cant do it any other way,just a joypad and skill.

Tob job on the new logo set mate.

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LoL, thanx for the compliment Simon :beer:

A joypad, skill… in my case more like lots of layers & loads of time! (I’m still so slow, LoL!)

Cheers Shadow mate. Saw your latest, just can’t stay out of the booth eh? :wink:
Those logos were a good choice to come back to painting with cos they weren’t too hard really. Doing the bubbles on the #41 Dominator was make or break for me - there’s flipping loads & it was a bit of a grind tbh. I’d forgotten how much you have to put into it to get something half decent. Glad I didn’t chuck it in though as I’ve enjoyed the few bits n bobs I’ve painted so far.

Good to see you painting still! Images look awesome!

Nice work



Thanx for the comments guys, much appreciated :beer:

(this multi quote thingy is cool!)

Mucking about with layouts…

probably won’t be on the Z4 though, too many designs on that car already.

Awesome W.I.P. images MIDNYTE!!!

Nice that you are painting on forza again

Any chance of you recreating your Bob Marley design/s from FM-3 and FM-4?

I would be love to add one to my FM-6 garage if you do.

Best wishes and regards your way…

Cheers AB, I definitely benefitted from having a break since FM4

Thanx Stormy, I had thought about redoing some old designs but to be honest I think I’d be more motivated if I was painting something new. I did like those designs though so maybe…

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Fair enough MIDNYTE … new can be Damian Jr Gong Marley as food for thought ;+))
Looking forward to your upcoming releases

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LoL, cheers Lee :joy:

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Hey Midnyte, great work man! good to see you’re still liking the booth :slight_smile:

Looking good mate…Images look great so far.

Never watched G.O.T not into fantasy stuff like that,Im more of an Ash vs evil dead/walking dead kinda guy but I think I know who that portrait is you are going for…Wont say nothing though as I am clueless on the subject.

Cheers Snake :+1:t5: I’m not seeing the world in shapes like I used to when I was hooked on painting, LoL! But it is still a challenge painting something half decent & there’s still a lil’ buzz as it starts to take shape…

Thanx mate (sorry about that ‘observation’ yesterday :wink:). That portrait was my one & only attempt at FM5, gave up the whole game after a couple of hours but dug it out to see if I could use it with this.

As far as GoT is concerned, it’s horses for courses but I have to say I’m as hooked now as I was when I saw the first episode, which is rare for me.