FM6 Suggestions

I put this in the drift thread because i always want to comment on the drifting in this. Rwd unlimited drift should restrict indy cars, as well as mid engine supercars. People keep completing the game early and it really screws it up for everyone else.

I also suggest that there be a tuning menu availible in all game modes. Not being able to tune while in a private lobby doing tandems is kind of frustrating. Surely if enough people see this maybe we can get this noticed. Id love a tuning menu at all times. Is anyone else tired of leaving a game, then having to have a lobby restart?

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I agree. Alo there should be the option like in FM4 where you could join other “user created lobbies” that have been made public. I spent an hour last night trying to find a decent rwd drift lobby, I either got a bunch of trolls in super/indy cars or people crossing the line too early, and I wasn’t even that far behind…

Forza Motorsport 6 Features Wish List

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