FM6 Rims List

Some of the HRE Wheels from Horizon 2 are missing!

The first three from the left and the 5th from the left. The highlighted one is super disappointing, as I was going to use that to make an E30 M3 DTM car.

Has anyone mentioned a reason? Seems odd, I mean, the models are there, etc…

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(I retitled the thread to make it more broad for discussion)

Based on my notes these HRE wheels are out:
Vintage 454
Vintage 501
Vintage 505
Vintage 935

Here’s the FM6 list. I have a tab in my spreadsheet with their relative weights, and has images of each one. I’ve indicated my categorization of the relative weight groups next to the name, where group 1 is the lightest (and most expensive). When I tested weights for the same rim on a Caterham vs. an Escalade, the weight changes were 4x more on the bigger vehicle. So a rim that reduced weight by 15 pounds on the Caterham reduced weight by 60 pounds on the Escalade.

2 5 Zigen FN01R-C
3 5 Zigen GN+
2 5 Zigen ZR+520
1 Advan RGII
2 Advan Super Advan Racing Version 2
5 Asanti AF 118
3 Borbet CB
1 Buddy Club P1 Racing QF
1 Compomotive CXR
5 Compomotive M05
5 Compomotive TH2
1 Dymag 9 Spoke
2 Enkei NT03+M
1 Enkei RPF1
5 Enkei Tarmac Evo
3 Fikse FM/10
1 Fikse Profil 5
1 Fikse Profil 5S
2 Gram Lights 57 Optimise
2 Gram Lights 57C
2 Gram Lights T57-RC
2 HRE Flow FF01
2 HRE P101
2 HRE P104
2 HRE P107
2 HRE P40sc
2 HRE P43sc
2 HRE P44sc
2 HRE P45sc
2 HRE P47sc
1 Konig After Burner
1 Konig Britelite
1 Konig Daylite
1 Kosei K1-Racing TS-Version
3 Kosei RT Sport
4 Momo Quantum
4 Momo Raptor
4 Momo Revenge
4 Momo Rush
4 Momo Sting
4 Momo TEN-S
2 Motegi Racing SP10
1 Motegi Racing Traklite 1.0
1 Motegi Racing Traklite 2.0
3 Oettinger Type RXX
5 Oettinger Type RE
5 OZ Racing Superturismo GT
5 Racing Dynamics RGS
4 RO_JA R2-7
1 Rota J.SPL
3 Rota P45R
2 Rota Tarmac 3
1 RS Watanabe Cyclone
2 Speedline 2014
1 Team Dynamics Racing Pro Race 1
1 Team Dynamics Racing Pro Race 2
3 Tenzo DC-6 V1
5 TSW Hockenheim R
1 TSW Trackstar 4
1 Volk Racing RE30
1 Volk Racing TE37
1 WedsSport SA-97 F
1 WedsSport SA-70
1 WedsSport TC 105 N
3 Work CR Kai
1 Work XD9

3 Brabus Monoblock VI
4 Enkei RS6
3 Hamann PG-III
2 Hamann Edition Race
2 HRE 445R
2 HRE 546R
2 HRE 940RIL
2 HRE 943RL
2 HRE 945RL
2 HRE 948RL
2 HRE C100
2 HRE C103
2 HRE C106
2 HRE C109
2 HRE RX43
2 HRE S101
2 HRE S104
2 HRE S107
2 iForged Astra
2 iForged Fabulous
3 Modular M3
2 Modular M7
3 Momo GTR
4 OZ Racing Superleggera III Forged
3 Racing Dynamics RS 2 Modular
4 RO_JA R2-5
3 Tenzo RS-5
3 TSW Catalunya

4 American Racing Outlaw II
4 American Racing Torq-Thrust M
5 Asanti AF 134
5 Asanti AF 140
2 ATS Classic
5 Borbet A
3 Boyd Coddington Slayer
3 Brabus Monoblock S
3 Brabus Monoblock IV
4 Compomotive ML
5 Cragar Smoothie
4 Cragar Street Lock D Window
1 Cragar Bonneville Series 391
4 Cragar S/S Super Sport
5 DUB Big Chips
5 DUB Presidential
3 Halibrand Sprint II
1 HoleShot Hole Star
1 HoleShot Solid
1 HoleShot Sun Star
5 Lexani LTC-701
5 Lexani LTC-704
5 Lexani Mistik Spikes
4 Mickey Thompson Classic Lock
1 Mickey Thompson ET Drag
1 Weld Racing AlumaStar 2.0 Drag Race
1 Weld Racing Magnum III
5 Work Design DH
4 Work Equip 01

Lightest rims
Sport group
Advan RGII
Buddy Club P1 Racing QF
Compomotive CXR
Dymag 9 Spoke
Enkei RPF1
Fikse Profil 5
Fikse Profil 5S
Konig After Burner
Konig Britelite
Konig Daylite
Kosei K1-Racing TS-Version
Motegi Racing Traklite 1.0
Motegi Racing Traklite 2.0
Rota J.SPL
RS Watanabe Cyclone
Team Dynamics Racing Pro Race 1
Team Dynamics Racing Pro Race 2
TSW Trackstar 4
Volk Racing RE30
Volk Racing TE37
WedsSport SA-97 F
WedsSport SA-70
WedsSport TC 105 N
Work XD9
Specialized group
Cragar Bonneville Series 391
HoleShot Hole Star
HoleShot Solid
HoleShot Sun Star
Mickey Thompson ET Drag
Weld Racing AlumaStar 2.0 Drag Race
Weld Racing Magnum III

Heaviest rims
Sport group
Asanti AF 118
Compomotive M05
Compomotive TH2
Enkei Tarmac Evo
Oettinger Type RE
OZ Racing Superturismo GT
Racing Dynamics RGS
TSW Hockenheim R
Specialized group
Asanti AF 134
Asanti AF 140
Borbet A
Cragar Smoothie
DUB Big Chips
DUB Presidential
Lexani LTC-701
Lexani LTC-704
Lexani Mistik Spikes
Work Design DH

Man, I can’t understand why those would be out! I was never one to complain about wheel selection being limited, but damn was I looking forward to my totally DTM looking E30!

the wheel selection is too modern, needs some old school wheels in the mix. too much chrome too.

You can at least fix the chrome.

hey everyone,

i know i am new to these forums and sorry if this has been posted/discussed previously. however, is there a list of wheels that are in game? specifically if these are real world manufactured or not?

i guess that is one of my biggest issues with FM6, the fact that they removed all of the actual wheel manufacturers names and wheel style.

anyway, any help is appreciated.


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They all seem to be generic versions of real wheels

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ahhh, thanks to the mod for the thread merge!!!

this is what i am looking for.

thanks so much!