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Welcome to the new FM6 Livery Painting forums!

Whether you’re a new painter or an old hand, we all have things we can share with and learn from each other to improve the quality and enjoyment of painting in the world of Forza. And if you’re not careful, you might just make some great new friends in the process.

First up, Tips and Tricks - these will be the quick pointers on how and where to get started and helpful suggestions on how to perform the basic tasks involved.

Next will be Tutorials - these will be links to more in-depth instructions, written or video, found here at or elsewhere.

Lastly, Resources - links to all sorts of helpful information and source material.

Feel free to post your own tips, tricks, tutorials and resources and I’ll move them into the appropriate post,


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Thanks for pulling this together, it’s certainly appreciated! I want to start painting and I hope this will be a great resource for me. Again, thanks!


A few quirks with the 2015 Nissan IDX NISMO that people can make use of:

  • Depending on where you place your vinyls, you can change the colour of the “O” on the NISMO badges.
  • You can paint on top of pretty much all of the car’s carbon fibre, including the bonnet.
  • There is an unpaintable vent section on each door. If you paint your car in a chrome (or possibly metallic) colour the holes in that panel fill up creating a solid surface.

Tips for the Bugatti Veyron SS:

Use the paint car feature for the lower section and the decal editor for the upper portion if you want a clean two tone paint. If you do it backwards, portions of layer groups on the bottom fall into the vent and leave discolored sections in the middle.

The other solution is to do the upper portion and lower portion but then you have to layers everything correctly.

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Does anyone know if there is website tutorials for makeing things with vinyls ?


If you’re looking for some basic “how-to’s” I’d try and Google some You0tube tutorials. There are some out there and while they may be older versions, the techniques will all hold up with today’s game. After that, there’s no substitute for simply diving in and getting used to it. Good luck!

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Theres some tips and tricks hidden away in this Messing around in FM5 paint - 3 / 6 - YouTube

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Figure this is as good a place to ask as any. Could anyone provide me with a metallic champagne colour? looking to recreate this (-Solid Production- Nissan Skyline R34 Sedan (Wide and Stanced) - YouTube) R34’s paint as closely as possible, and, being colourblind, paint isn’t exactly my strong suit.

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2009 Honda S2000 CR Paint Notes**
- The roof is unpaintable.
- The body section under the rear window will be whatever colour you paint the overall body as.
- The endplates of the stock rear wing can have vinyls applied to them.
- The centrepoint for the rear is 2.50
- The centrepoint for the top is -0.50
- To accurately place elements from the right-hand side to the left of the car, use [Insert all from Right/Left Side] and then move your groups 1.00 down and 0.50 left.
- Part of the bodywork above the front wheel must be edited by the Top section and not the Left/Right side sections.
- Part of the Rear Bumper must be edited by going to the Top section.

I’ve learnt to paint from all my mistakes, and to me that’s the best way to learn from, I started painting in F3 and my paint looked bad at first but I stuck it out, I started doing classic car painting it’s far easy to do than a race paint, as time went on I moved to race paint and so on, you get better overtime there is no quick fix in painting, I use a 8" tablet download the design I want to paint, if I can’t find anything I just make it up as I go along. I paint everything but movie/theme I am just not into that kind of paint for now. Painting that kind of paint I will be out of my comfort zone, I happy in what I can just paint now.

How to manually like a paint or tune Forza Motorsport 6 How to manually like tunes and paints - YouTube

Dodge Hellcat decal note:

Passenger door will only show vinyls applied to the driver’s door - reversed.

Does anyone have a link to :-

Mind Of Mjolnir’s Tutorial Thread on painting for beginners:-

There were also tutorials for glitter paint, vents, gradient’s, carbon fibre, etc, in the same thread.

It’s no longer available on this site for reference.

If unavailable, is it possible to recreate a thread similar to this on FM6?


Stormy i’ve got some half written im hoping to have shared very soon


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I am sure it will be welcomed and greatly appreciated by the forum community.

Thank you kindly for taking the time to do this AB!!!

Best wishes n regards :- ST0RMY

Hello FM6 Painters:
I am new to Forza (in total) and the paint booth esp. However, I have taken a liking to painting, my co-workers and friends have asked for some of my designs. However, when I “save and share” in F.M.6: my gamer-tag or naming convention of the files are not found upon searching. (I see a message like paints are updated daily check back again later - something of this nature.) How can I share with the Forza world and friends and become searchable? Love the artwork a lot of you put out and thanks for the inspiration of the possibilities, truly a fun hobby!

Thank you for all replies in advance:
Keith B. Jewell

Hiero, Link for you sir if you can add to the OP

Carbon Fibre