FM6 July Car Pack Clue Thread

I normally leave DLC clue threads to Johniwanna but I thought I’d do one for our upcoming car pack which is releasing on Tuesday, July 12.

If you want to see the clues, head on over to this week’s edition of the Week in Review, then put your best guesses here in the thread. I’ll be awarding my favorite responses with an exclusive bonus car of my choosing. Don’t worry, you don’t have to be “correct” to be considered for a car; in fact, I’ll be awarding both incorrect and correct guesses. Thanks for playing and I look forward to showing of the new cars next week.



Did you do the clues this time ? … Just when we were all getting into the way Johns mind worked.

the 1st car i think is peugeot c60
the 2nd car i think is the oscar mayer weiner mobile because its a staple american hot dog design but has changed the hot dog game worlwide
the 3rd one im guessing is the Volkswagen Karmann Ghia

All of these have not been in any forza games


Karmann Ghia was in Forza 4, came in a DLC if i’m not mistaken.

The Karmann Ghia was in FM 4.

The Gia was in Forza 4 mate

#1 As others are saying it’s a cat and there’s not many manufacturers that are cat referenced so Jaguar would be a main choice here, maybe Jaguar talking about coming to Formula E with already established teams and Jaguar would be the underdog. Also as mentioned Emil Frey Jaguar G3 who have been partaking in Blancpain to develop their GT3 XKR

#2 I would like to say a car from Lola, may not be global but created in UK and raced in the US, that’s a global distance. Hard to say one single car from them as there has been so many different cars and chassis, old or new could be a mystery. Also a lot of people saying Deltawing which is not starting to hit me especially with their livery a very odd car but unfortunately hasn’t done too well in the side of racing

Clue 1: Emile Frey Jaguar GT3: definitely a David to the Blancpain Goliaths that are McLaren, Bentley, Porsche etc.
Clue 2: 2016 Deltawing: has a Stars and Stripes livery. Was originally a Nissan Deltawing and still has a Nissan engine. Designed by Brits. Very global indeed.
Clue 3: BMW Isetta. Was originally an (Italian) Iso Isetta.


Clue #1… this “cat”, you say? Might it be some sort of Jaguar?

So the cat leads me straight to Jaguar, potentially something from Tom Walkinshaw Racing? I’ll go with the XJR-9 Silk Cut livery.

The seemingly obvious choice for the Stars and Stripes, I’m going to have to say the new Haas F1 car, which truly is globally sourced and produced.

An Italian oddity? That’s a bit obscure for me. The new Fiat 124 Spider?


I do like the Haas F1 idea. It would be very novel to try a hybrid F1 car.

Hint 1: Got to be some sort of Jaguar race car? Maybe the old Rocketsports (RSR) Jaguar XKR GT2 that ran in ALMS occasionally?

Hint 2: Seems to point very strongly to the DeltaWing, especially given the “like nothing else in the franchise” comments

Hint 3: The hint does seem to indicate the Karmann Ghia, but I’m pretty sure it has been in an older FM game.

One quick point of clarification: the three clues mentioned in the WIR are referring to three separate cars in the pack.

#1: Jaguar XKR GT3

#2: Gonna change from Deltawing to new Acura NSX, seeing as its American badged but originally a Honda designed elsewhere around the globe

#3: Gumpert maybe?

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#1 Mclaren F1 GTR Longtail GT500 spec

#2 Deltawing

#3 BMW Isetta

Me like

Though the David and Goliath for McLaren would be at Le Mans with the McLaren F1 GTR and not the longtail, Ueno Clinic F1 GTR for example.


My guess for clue 1 is th DeTomaso Pantera. Pantera means panther, and it was raced but only as a privateer entry.
If I’m right, I’d very much appreciate the 1977 Aston Vantage in Forza 6.


the 1977 Aston Martin Vantage has already been in the game, it was added in as a unicorn car and about 100 or more people got a hold of it

Clue 1: Jaguar F-Type SVR
Clue 2: VW Amarok
Clue 3: Mercedes C 111

No idea for clues 1 and 2.
Clue 3: Messerschmitt KR200

Maybe Germany’s take on the Piaggio?