FM6 Handling Concern

I haven’t seen anyone say anything about this. Am I the only one that drives with all the assists turned off? Whenever I drive something like the Lotus Formula 1 Car or the Bentley Lemans car and you give it some throttle, not even full throttle it just spins out when you are going in a straight line even. And many of the street cars just don’t handle like they should. They either constantly do burn outs or just cant turn. It drives me insane, especially when I could do just fine in FH2.

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Have you changed the dead zone settings in the controller for acceleratiom to 0 and 100. Makes a difference for me. Other wise the overall handling in the game blows FM5 out of the water!


Wheel or gamepad?

If gamepad, simulation or normal?

Gamepad, Simulation.

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I think that’s part of your issue. I used to play on simulation with the gamepad in FM2 and FM3. Then it was either in FM4, or FM5 where it became impossible, for me, especially with higher powered cars, like you’ve mentioned. Simulation is supposed to be for a steering wheel, so I ended up buying a Fanatec wheel.

It’s possible to play with the gamepad, but you have to be pretty darn good to be able to use it. Go back to normal settings - it’s made FM6 very playable for me. I may get a wheel in the future, but I am sticking with the gamepad and normal for now.

I agree with the aim steering thing… My left thumb gets one hell of a work out making all the correction needed to keep me pointing in the right direction under braking alone… Leave alone should my finger twitch on the throttle lol… Makes it more of a challenge and more fun but it can and will screw up your race if you’re not racing smart and think you can get away without flicking the stick 20 or 30 times to make the tiny adjustments on the limit…

Makes avoiding standing water in the rain a chore and the rain version of the green hell literally hell… Hitting water there with sim steering WILL end your race.

Edit: by the way they went to town on tyre wear and fuel simulation like we asked for… Managed 8 laps at the silverstone GP in my Aston DBS before my tyres were shot and my tank was empty…

The sim steering thing became too much of a chore for me. I can actually enjoy the game again with normal steering and I can still power slide out of corners when I want to.

As for tyres and fuel… maybe I am weird, but I love stuff like pit stop strategies. I just wish we could choose tyres that have different range vs grip ratios. I miss that feature from GT3. I am not sure if Forza had this.

VERY pleased to hear this! Many thumbs up.

Simulation gives me troubles too. Is this not more for wheel users?

I think it says it somewhere in the game. No point in causing yourself unnecessary rage mate. :o)



“especially when I could do just fine in FH2”

If you’re driving like its FH2 you are going to have a hard time. Have you played Motorsport before? If not I suggest slow-and-steady until you get used to how the game plays.


Was there that big of a difference in handling between FM5 and FM6? I didn’t feel there was and I think it says a lot that tunes setups from FM5 worked perfectly for Horizon 2. Sure there is a slight difference between every game be it Motorsport or Horizon but honestly I found that handling for FH2 was not very far removed from FM5 which wasn’t too far removed from FM4. Now I did think that FM4 was a step towards arcade from FM3 but I find 6 just completely bonkers. Half the time it feels like they’ve wanted to progress more towards a more simulation oriented game and just when I think that’s the case my car does something that reminds me of Need for Speed. Cars have entirely too much oversteer, I’m talking about off throttle oversteer, even in FF cars. When you can “drift” a FF cars with some degree of control there is a problem. When a 45 degree turn at 30mph causes the back end to slip about, there’s a problem. When I’m completely off the throttle and make less of a turn than the AI in front of me who is on the throttle and my back end skids around while his doesn’t flinch there is a problem. The best description I found is it’s like we are driving on ice but AI seems to be wearing ice skates while we have running shoes.

The thing that baffles me the most is the conflicting reports. Some claim to not even see these issues and say it feels like FM5 and others seem experience it way worse than others. I’d consider myself a Forza veteran at a little over 11k points and the more I play 6 the more I absolutely despise the way cars handle.

I posted something about this the other day and it didn’t get any attention. I did quite a bit of testing, switching back and forth between FM5 and FM6 and found that almost every car will hard lock the brakes at 85% according to the telemetry in FM6. For FM5 I can actually tune that a bit and most of the cars I’ve tinkered with will still lock up but it’s between 95 and 98%. When setting brake pressure in FM6 it feels like all I’m doing is just making the trigger pull get to 85% quicker.

Essentially with brakes locking at 85% that’s a substantial dead zone that I cannot get rid of.

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Jack Burton,

I was gonig to quote you but i didnt want to deal with the quote train and sifting through a novel.

Regarding the cars having a lot of oversteer even off throttle i have found that all forzas have very poor diff setups with the default tune. I believe this is why they finally made it a free no pi value part. Sure you can increase the performance by adjusting it because you can make the car suit your driving style better but it doesnt actually add performance (well didn’t).

Regarding the braking did you make sure you have your deadzones correct? If so, i think most cars would skid with abs off if you used 100% of the brake pedal travel. Lockup at 85% even seems realistic because it factors on other things like suspension tyres etc. You need to find the mid level suspension stiffness. Too soft and the car will jolt forward moving a large portion of the weight onto the front tyres too stiff and the suspension wont respond enough and the car will skid. Also, have you checked too see which tyres are locking up, maybe it has more to do with your brake balance also.

I drive everything off, manual and “normal”
Forza 4 was lovely. Drifting when you want, but fast clean laps when you want to. Throttle and brakes were so nice to adjust. But now… If you go in too slow and give a little gas, you go waaaay to slow. A little bit more controlled gas… Full sideways…

I love to do cleab laps, but it’s almost not possible!
Or do I really need to but race tyres on every car?! :confused:


FH2 - there’s your key. :slight_smile:

Forza 6 is less arcade than Forza Horizon and much more if a beast to drive with assists of.

Believe me this is much improved from Forza 5 :slight_smile:


fh2 is a simcade at best, dumbed down settings/sensitivity etc.

fm6 is attempting be a sim so it will be much harder to drive powerful cars.

2 words, throttle control.

Would you expect to jump into an F1 or Bentley LeMans car in real life, hammer the throttle and keep it in a straight line?

There is an issue with dead zones and sensitivity of the triggers though, so have a fiddle with those.


My point is though I’m not hammering the throttle. I go like 1/4 to 1/2 and it still does it.

Look up Stella Stig’s video on Forza 6 Controller settings. It helped immensely. I’ve also found that you can very easily over drive into the corners.

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Thanks for the suggestion. The settings seemed to have helped a bit.

Just did this.
Coming off of years with FM4 and a wheel, the controller was killing me in FM6.
Now it’s bearable till I decide which wheel to buy.

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