FM6 Forzavista footage? - Ford GT interior video

A new video of the Ford GT’s interior came out today and the footage of the car almost looks to clean to be filmed in real life. I was wondering if this might actually be Forza 6’s new Forzavista mode. Car does look nice.

Car footage starts 10 seconds in: - YouTube

I agree that that’s not live filmed, but looks more like computer rendering then forza vista.

I’d say its filmed. Look at the stitching on the rim, the headrests, the cover above the speedometer, or the seat material: too many tiny imperfections imho to be a render. Also the close up of the starter button shows some dustflakes

Sure, they could have gone all out on details but CGI for advertisements usually do not show any imperfections

I actually think it is a mix of both a digital rendering and live recording. From the Ford GT reveal, we saw a very similar style of digital renderings and some of this footage could easily be additional b-roll that didn’t make the cut and has been used for the purposes of complementing this interview. It’s when the camera goes inside the GT that it looks as if the video is a live recording and not a rendering.

Either way, I don’t think any of this footage is related to Forza Motorsport 6. If it were, I am quite certain there would be a text stamp on the video stating something along the lines of “Footage from Forza Motorsport 6, Microsoft Studios.” Thus, I don’t think anything that is currently available for viewing is a product of the game.

I cannot say whether it is live recorded or CGI, but I can guarantee you it is NOT from Forza*. How? 0:16-0:19, if you look at the tire, it has Michelin on it, and I don’t know of any Forza that has the actual tire company logo on it.**

*Unless for FM6, they have started to put these (the logos, see above/below) on them.

**I have never played FM1, and while I know you could select your tires from a few tire companies for FM2, I don’t know if said company’s logo showed up on the tires.

Yeah that’s a good point. I can’t remeber why they don’t do the tire sidewall logo’s but Dan has explained it once in an interview. Maybe they’ve changed their minds and started adding them for 6 but probably not.

Essentially, going without a licensed tire brand gives the team the freedom to use generic tire models (of various performance levels) on all vehicles and all wheels. Never has a Forza title featured branded sidewalls, as has been pointed out, and I don’t expect them to start now. I, too, maintain the opinion that the video is a product of Ford media and not related to Forza Motorsport.

Ford and T10 have been working together on the GT and the rest of the Ford line up for some time. It seems likely that Ford would commission T10 for any marketing footage created or rendered in software as the scanning and modeling has already been done. Whilst it may not be game footage it could certainly be T10 footage. It does have a very “vista” look to it and the exterior shots look extremely T10. When T10 scan a car they currently remove tyre detail for in game use. This isn’t something they’d need to add. Unless there’s an announcement or it’s mentioned in an interview I guess we’ll never know for sure.